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Need a Website Appraisal? Contact Experienced Website Brokers

Posted by Tom Howard in Articles


The world is always changing. People who own and operate ecommerce sites eventually want to sell them, perhaps to retire, or to change focus, or just because they are in financial need. Whatever the reason, when the time comes for a website appraisal, it’s important to find a team of website brokers who knows not just how to sell websites, but how to market and appraise them so that you walk away from the closing table a success.

First, look for a firm of website brokers that have been working in this industry not just for a couple months or a year, but for many years, perhaps even decades. The internet is old enough now; it’s possible to find website brokers that fit this criterion. Secondly, do they offer a free website valuation? Don’t be fooled by those that don’t. There are reputable firms out there that don’t charge a penny, not for a valuation or for a consultation. When you are ready to sell your website, you’ll want to align yourself with a firm that has your best interest in mind, not their own.

Successful website brokers will have years of experience under their belt, as well as knowledge of the industry to help you market your website so that it shines brightly once placed in the marketplace, while also garnering attention from just the right buyers. An experienced firm will dive deep into financials, trends, etc., so that they can field any and all questions from potential buyers, leaving you, the owner, out of those types of processes as much as possible.

Beyond the website appraisal, it’s also of extreme importance for the website broker team to market your ecommerce site with full confidentiality. This is because if company employees, even vendors, catch wind that the ecommerce business is up for sale, it’s possible that doubt, fear, and frustration could lead to lower productivity, and ultimately, a lower website valuation price. is an experienced team of website brokers that knows how to sell websites. They’ve been working in this industry since 1998, and provide free website valuations, as well as free consultations. They market their client’s website with extreme confidentiality and know full-well what it takes to get their client’s website seen by the right potential buyers. Contact them today for more information at 1-800-251-1559.