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Need Advice on Selling a Website? Consult an Experienced Online Business Broker

Posted by Matt Perkins in Articles


Selling a website isn’t like selling a house or a car; it carries with it an entirely different set of strategies and nuances that only the most experienced online business broker can provide. For entrepreneurs who are interested in selling a website or perhaps several websites, the best advice is that they should locate an online business broker who boasts decades of experience and multiple millions of dollars in sold website businesses.

Some entrepreneurs venture into the murky waters of selling a website completely on their own. While this might seem like the more lucrative and advantageous way to go, it simply isn’t wise. Selling a website is filled with strategies that are learned over time, and a first-time seller of an internet business is not going to know, let alone execute these strategies well or even at all.

The internet is filled with listings for online business brokers who promise the best website valuations, the lowest commissions and the best profits at the closing table, but few can truly deliver. How can you tell the difference between an experienced and genuinely thorough online business broker and one that is simply “blowing smoke”? First, check out their website to determine how long they’ve been in business. A couple of years working in this industry simply aren’t enough to meet the needs of most entrepreneurs who are interesting in selling a website.

Does the online business broker offer a free valuation? A free consultation? Do they perform exhaustive and detailed due diligence? When do they take their commission, upfront or when the sale is complete? Answers to these questions will help the business owner who is interested in selling a website to determine if the online business broker is worth their time. has been in the business of selling website businesses since 1998. Since that time they have been dedicated to working for the best interests of their clients and provide them with both a free consultation and free website valuation. doesn’t take a commission up front; they wait until their client’s website has been successfully sold, likely to one of the contacts in their enormous network of buyers. Business owners, who are interested in selling a website, should contact today for information.