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Need an Ecommerce Business Valuation? Contact a Reputable Website Broker

Posted by Bill Gustin in Articles


The first thing most entrepreneurs consider when they think about selling their website is the value of the website appraisal. With online calculators available to seemingly make the job “easy,” many opt to get a roundabout number themselves, to get a rough idea as to where they can start.

There is a better way.

When you are ready to get an ecommerce business valuation, don’t even consider online calculators, for one thing, they don’t take into account the myriad of items they should, and even if they did, calculators lack one basic element – human reasoning. The very best way to go about getting a website valuation is by going to a trusted and reputable website broker who has been working in the industry for many years – if not even decades. Calculators, after all, are much too simple a means to determine a number that could mean enormous profit, or, could mean that you need some Turnaround Strategy to get your site back in the running.

What type of website broker should you consider?

While there are many out there, hundreds in fact, you should only consider the website broker that has decades of experience working in this industry. Why decades? Because, working decades in this industry means that they have successfully weathered the many ups and downs that the internet brings. SEO  and the world of search engines is always in a state of flux, and for a website broker to maintain a high level of success during those times means that they are truly knowledgeable in this arena.

Get your ecommerce business valuation done right.

It’s probably been your “baby” for years. Your business is a part of you, it’s something you have fond memories in starting and operating, and you don’t want to let it go for the wrong price. The right website broker will be able to come up with the best website valuation so you can enter the marketplace in a strategic position. Not too high, not too low, and, they will already have a network of available and vested buyers that will be interested in your site.

Website broker,, has been working in the industry of giving free website appraisals for the past 20 years. During that time, they have amassed a large client list that is a testament to their superior customer service and success. Call them today at 1-800-251-1559 to set up your own free ecommerce business valuation and consultation.