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Obtain an Accurate Ecommerce Business Valuation with a Savvy Website Broker

Posted by Ryan Bennett in Articles


When it comes time to sell an online business, the business owner becomes very interested in the ecommerce business valuation. After all, you go into business wanting to make a profit, and so everything – from inception to exit – should (hopefully) culminate in making money at the closing table. While many entrepreneurs are adept at starting and operating a business, they are likely not terribly adept at selling one. That’s why you need to find a savvy website broker.

While there are plenty of online business valuation calculators, they are likely to just give you a multiple of earnings as a projected value of your site. Instead, when you find an experienced and professional website broker, they will take many aspects of your business into account including cash flow, how much it would cost to recreate the business, liabilities, assets, unique visitors, returning visitors, returning customers, marketing campaigns, etc.

Other aspects to consider when choosing a website broker include:

1)      Years in the industry. With age comes wisdom, and this is true also of website brokers. By weathering the ups and downs of the internet, a website broker that has been in the industry for a decade or more will have the experience to handle most any hurdle placed in their path.

2)      Putting the client first. Yes, it still exists in today’s world. Some of the most professional website brokers put their client’s needs first. How? By offering them a free consultation and free ecommerce business valuation. They may also offer them a free consultation to help them get started on the pathway to a successful sale.

3)      Word of mouth testimonials. Nothing screams success like the words of satisfied clients. A website brokerage firm that boasts many positive client testimonials is one that is likely to repeat their history – and count you among them.

Website broker,, has been in the business of buying and selling online businesses for the past 20 years. They offer their clients a free ecommerce business valuation, as well as a free consultation to get them started. If you are interested in either buying or selling a website, give them a call at 800-251-1559 today!