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Preparing Your Amazon Accounts For Sale

Posted by RJ Martin in Articles

You must be prepared with how to sell your Amazon FBA account before you initiate the valuation process.  The more educated you are about what you can anticipate, the easier it will be for you to transfer your accounts to the buyer and to exit the business as quickly as possible.  There are different dynamics involved in transferring every Amazon seller account, which is why we leverage our years of experience as online business brokers to help you figure out what is most appropriate when determining your next step and helping you to obtain the maximum multiplier and overall profit from selling your online business.

The support of an experienced online business broker, like those working at Website Closers, can give you peace of mind, confidence, and assurance that you are in good hands from the moment that you contact us.  There are five different things you need to consider when listing your Amazon seller account for sale.

The first has to do with your gross margins.  The price that you receive for selling your Amazon FBA account is largely driven by your gross margins.  Which means it’s beneficial to remove any unnecessary overhead conflict, employees, travel expenses, or equipment.  Often this is very minimal to begin with because Amazon FBA business owners have very few pieces of physical inventory.

The second step to preparing your Amazon FBA seller account for sale is to ensure that you have reliable product sources.  Securing contracts to give you clear access to products that you source will help to enable a buyer to see the benefits.

The third step to listing your Amazon seller account for sale is getting your accounting and financials in order.  This means having at least the last three years of profits and sales available.  Take out any unexpected liabilities like customs, taxes, sales taxes, and unpaid supplier invoices as much as you can.  Before removing yourself from the business, you need to document all of the business processes, including replenishing inventory, sourcing, accounting, remittance and collection of sales taxes, any provider solution relationships you have, and day-to-day operations.  This will make the transition to the new owner as smooth and as effective as possible.

Finally, consider hiring an online business broker as well as an attorney to assist with the sale of your Amazon business account.  There are many different aspects of conducting due diligence and determining valuation.  The sooner that you have an online business broker and a lawyer to help you with every aspect of these sales, the easier it will be for you to effectively sell your business and move on to your next exciting venture.  Don’t find yourself overwhelmed with the process of selling your Amazon FBA account.  Instead, consult with our knowledgeable online business brokers.