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Ready for a Change? Try One of These Businesses

Posted by Doug Grindstaff in Articles


Let’s face it, monogamy only works in relationships, it doesn’t necessarily work for work. People get bored; they daydream about doing something new and different, more exciting than what they are doing now. The need for change can be brought on by a change in life – kids have moved out; divorce; need extra cash or not as much; there are as many different reasons to try a new career as there are people who do it.

One thing is for certain, though, every new career, every new venture needs its own place on the internet. When you consider one of these business ideas, also consider the fact that building, maintaining and operating a website for it will make your venture twice (or more) successful than one without.

  • Computer Repair. When everyone on the block (and in the country) has a computer, starting a computer repair business can be a worthwhile venture indeed. Check if licensing in your area is necessary.
  • Ebay Business. You can use items in your home you don’t want, plus you can go to auction houses, flea markets, garage sales, etc., to find other items you think will sell on Ebay. Keep on top of trends.
  • Home energy audits. Everyone, especially homeowners, want to save money and reduce their energy expenses. Align yourself as a business and help homeowners with a home energy audit that’s beneficial to them and the environment.
  • Organize homes. With so much going on in people’s lives, they usually don’t have time get organized. That’s where you come in. Create checklists and questionnaires for homeowners to get the best sense of what they need.
  • Jewelry maker. Everybody loves jewelry and it will never go out of style. Depending on what you create you may need specific tools and a heat source for welding and manipulation of metals.
  • Personal trainer. You might need a license, and you will definitely need experience and training, but becoming a personal trainer will not only help your own physique it will get you one-on-one time with motivated clients and leading a healthy, active life.

At, they have been buying and selling websites for the past 20 years. If you are looking into a new venture, they can help you decide the best route to take. For those who are selling your online business, these business brokers offer a free website appraisal and consultation. Call them today for more information.