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Selling a Website? Choose a Quality Internet Business Broker for a Smooth Process

Posted by Eric Pittman in Articles


Selling a website is no easy, simple task. It requires a lot of skill and know-how, and the process changes every day just as the internet and trends change every day. For entrepreneurs who are interested in selling a website, it’s important for them to find business brokers who make it their job to know the industry backwards and forwards, inside and out.

There are many things to keep in mind when selling a website such as how much the website is worth (website valuation), the current marketplace, especially how similar websites are faring, maintaining confidentiality, thoroughly evaluating the business, getting banks on board and finding, qualifying and vetting buyers, troubleshooting the inevitable issues that always arise, developing a profitable exit strategy that everyone, including the shareholders, are happy with, organizing whatever help is necessary including tax, due diligence, accounting and legal help and more.

It’s imperative to find a firm with business brokers who have years, if not decades, of quality experience in the industry of selling a website. Check into their history when researching online and make sure that they have sold millions of dollars in websites, the higher the better, as this indicates a firm grasp of the entire selling a website process and with millions of dollars of successfully sold websites in their portfolio, quality and know-how is all but guaranteed.

The finest internet business broker will list dozens of testimonials from clients who are happy with their guidance and leadership during their own selling a website process, and the internet business broker should also work from a standpoint of not taking any commission until the client’s website has been sold. This ensures hard work on their behalf as well as the most profitable exit strategy possible. How do they handle website valuations? They should take into consideration many items, not just the deal multiple to come up with a fair number. is an internet business broker that excels at selling a website. In fact, they have sold upwards of $200 million in websites during their nearly two decades in the industry. They are a boutique brokerage firm as well, which means they don’t charge their client a dime until their website has successfully sold.