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Selling a Website? Familiarize Yourself with Successful Exit Strategies First

Posted by Justin Harris in Articles


It might seem counterintuitive, but developing a successful exit strategy even before placing a website business up for sale will serve the entrepreneur well in the end. By learning how to sell an Amazon business and more specifically, where to sell an Amazon business or any other web property, hiring a solid, experienced eCommerce business broker will lead to maximizing profits, and a smoother, less stressful selling process.

The first proven strategy is to find an eCommerce business broker who listens and learns about your needs. They should consult market trends to provide an overall strategy that fits your goals perfectly. The brokerage firm should discuss the overall strategy with you so you can make an informed, knowledgeable decision about you and your business’s future. But how do you decide if the brokerage firm will represent you well? Traditional real estate agents or business brokers don’t have the experience or the skills it takes to know how to sell an Amazon business, or any other type of web property. Their skill set is considerably different than those of an eCommerce business broker and in the end; they won’t be able to sufficiently or successfully sell your business for the maximum profit that you deserve.

As mentioned above, the second proven strategy is to think about and prepare for your exit strategy even before placing the business up for sale. This will help you maximize the price multiple that buyers are willing to pay for your business and it will also potentially help you from a tax perspective. Knowing how to sell an Amazon business or other website business before actually putting it up for sale will strengthen your position once you do exit the company.

As the business owner, do you represent over half the work that’s being done in your company? If you do, then it’s wise to either pass along your duties to other employees, or hire a new employee altogether to take over some of your duties. Buyers are deeply concerned about what happens the day they take over a business, will it be business as usual? Or will they be required to shuffle around employees, hire new ones, or spend time learning the business manual to get the business up and running again.

If you’re wondering where to sell an Amazon business or other web property, the first step is to find an eCommerce business broker with the skills, knowledge-base and overall experience that will help you find the right buyers, help you develop a successful exit strategy and get you the right price for your business.