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Selling an Online Business Can Be Tricky: Find Expert Business Brokers to Assist

Posted by Sophie Williams in Articles


Unless you’re in the business of selling online businesses, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. There are so many issues surrounding the process that it literally takes a team of experts to not just get the job done right, but to walk away with a profit. Bankers, lenders, attorneys, etc., they all have their stake, and their hand, in selling an online business, and website owners who think they can do it on their own might find themselves in a murky world of confusion and frustration.

There are places online that a business owner can visit and obtain a free or low-cost website valuation. Although it might be tempting for these business owners to use online website valuation calculators, these calculators can’t even come close to providing a true, current website valuation. Generally, they take into consideration price multiples and nothing else, whereas other factors should come into play such as market trends, seasonality, competitive edge, etc. Only a website broker, who is in the business of selling online businesses, can know precisely how to obtain that golden value.

Another tremendous aspect of finding the right business broker to assist you in selling an online business is how well they connect sale side clients with the right buy side clients. When doing this, there are two goals in mind, maximizing the cash at the closing table, and of course, maximizing the sale price. By being able to connect both parties with each other, maximizing both of these values becomes more of a reality.

What kind of companies can a good website brokerage firm sell? All types, including software companies, ecommerce websites, Amazon businesses, businesses that sell on,, unorthodox businesses like Daily Deal sites, Flash Sales sites, drop shippers, wholesalers, and many others. A truly successful and experienced brokerage team will create an honest and effective website valuation and put the process of selling (or buying) into motion. is a boutique brokerage firm, meaning they never take a dime of commission before their client’s website has sold. Offering free website valuations, they set their clients on the right course to maximizing profits, pleasing stakeholders, and walking away from the closing table with the most cash possible.