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Selling Ecommerce Sites - Asking the Right Questions to Get the Right Answers

Posted by Carson Bomar in Articles


It might seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb, but selling ecommerce sites is a very doable process and can result in great success (and healthy profits). Most entrepreneurs have many questions about how the process actually works, and, experienced ecommerce broker, answers many of those questions below:

How much is my website business actually worth?

Many items go into determining a website valuation. These items include things like the amount and type of traffic the website gets, age of the business, revenue stream(s), the seller’s discretionary earnings for the past year, if the business is clearly growing and is there anything in its way to keep it from growing?

When selling ecommerce sites, how long does one usually take to sell?

The answer to this varies greatly from one deal to the next. Generally, with ecommerce broker, it can take anywhere from two weeks to three months to sell ecommerce sites, depending on various factors such as how long it takes for client interviews, creating a marketing package, conference calls, letters of intent, process of due diligence, and a successful closing.

Should I accept only cash? Or should I consider financing?

Oftentimes, cash only deals leave the seller lacking in the total amount of profit they might have enjoyed. Keeping an open mind to buyer-financing is a good idea as it may ultimately mean closing with a higher profit margin.

Does the ecommerce broker charge any fees upfront?

As a boutique ecommerce broker, doesn’t charge any commission until the website business has sold. This means, of course, that the more hard work that is put into selling the site to the right buyers, is essentially assured.

The sale of my business needs to be kept private, will it be?

At, confidentiality is a top priority. Hiring an ecommerce broker is essential to maintaining privacy as they become the “buffer” between the seller and the buyer so the company is not receiving erroneous sale-related emails, calls, etc. that will ultimately worry/stress employees, vendors and other people intimately related to the company’s day to day functioning.

If you have more questions about selling ecommerce sites, contact the skilled and professional ecommerce broker firm, They have been in business for well over two decades and have been asked every question related to the process, which also means, they know every answer.