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Selling Online Websites: There are Some Things You Can Predict (and some you can’t!)

Posted by Ryan Bennett in Articles


When it comes time for a business owner to sell their website company, it can be a time of anxiousness, questions and confusion. There are, however, some things that you can predict will happen, as well as things you can predict what won’t. Fortunately, when it comes to selling online websites, your trusted internet business broker,, can help see you through all of these peaks and valleys without a scratch.

  • First and foremost, there is a lot of prep work involved in selling online websites. For this reason alone it’s a good idea to contact an experienced internet business broker who can help you do most of this, if not all. Accurate financial information, verification of backups, etc. are important when it comes to selling online websites, and buyers are expecting nothing short of complete and thoroughness in this area.
  • You’ll be asked some very serious questions. And just as if you were selling a brick and mortar store, reveal everything to the internet business broker about the website company so they can best represent you. Buying a physical building requires inspections and buying a website is a similar (but different) process. If a tree root is messing up the plumbing in the basement of the building you want to sell, you’d want to know about it if you were a potential buyer. The same holds true for selling online websites.
  • Hold the buyer’s attention by answering their questions without hesitation. Your online business broker will see to this, of course, but they may come back to you, the website owner, for more clarity.
  • Be ready to back up your claims! Getting an offer is exciting and it’s the whole aim of the beginning of the process. However, without accurate and documented proof of various claims you’ve made about the company, the deal can be squashed along with your dreams. That’s why it’s important to hire, the best internet business broker who can help you make only the claims you can validate through proof.

Dreams are important, they take us to new heights of humanism and they give us a goal. Just as there are some predictions of what will happen when selling online websites, there are predictions of what won’t happen when selling online websites:

  • Although most of us would agree it would be nice, don’t expect to become outrageously rich from one sale. Most selling prices are based on what the business is expected to earn within the next two to three years. If you want to get rich, consider building your website business rather than selling it.
  • Schedules are nice but rarely do sales proceed exactly to one set in stone. Since it’s humans working with humans and not computers or robots, always expect delays instead of things working seamlessly and right on schedule.
  • Be willing to adjust your ideas about the price of the site. Figure out what wiggle room you can work with and your internet business broker can help with this.

When you’re ready to start selling online sites, contact, experienced and trusted internet business brokers who help guide entrepreneurs through every step of the selling process.