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Stop Putting Off Success: Tackle Your Procrastination

Posted by Lenny Farber in Articles


Success is available to every single one of us. It’s there for the taking; we just have to know how to go about obtaining it. There are many obstacles to success, and one of the worst is procrastination. The most motivated individual in the world might be zapped of that motivation by debilitating chronic procrastination. Luckily, there are ways to overcome procrastination, to ward it off in a sense, just like you might take steps to ward off a cold.

1)      What’s the one thing you are dreading doing? Every day we wake up thinking about the one thing we definitely do not want to do that day. It consumes us and most people tend to put it off and put it off – pretending it even exists – and then before you know it the entire day is wasted trying to wish that one task away. Whatever that task is – do it immediately. Get it done right away and it will clear the board for all of the other (less dreadful) things you need to get done that day.

2)      Aside from the one most dreaded task, prioritize your list of tasks by how they will affect your life if they go undone. This might include scheduling a dentist’s appointment for a painful tooth, or paying the utility bill so your lights and heat don’t get turned off. These are of dire consequence to your overall health and well being, and should be priorities for the day.

3)      Finally, procrastinators have a “way” of thinking that keeps them from moving forward. Our brains rely on our thoughts to produce actions. If we are constantly telling ourselves that we don’t want to do something, that belief becomes stronger and stronger. However, if we simply say to ourselves, “Do it now.” Over and over again – when we don’t want to do something, it’ll change our way of thinking, and before you know it – those tasks that seem hard today will get easier and easier to accomplish, putting you on a path to success!

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