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Trust an Experienced eCommerce Broker for Your Company’s Thorough Valuation

Posted by Doug Grindstaff in Articles


Selling a website business is never an easy endeavor. Some entrepreneurs believe that they can put their website business up for sale themselves; however, it’s always best to trust an experienced and proven eCommerce broker. Roughly 99% of business owners who put their own website business up for sale fail to get their desired price, while also spending much too long on the process. For these reasons alone, employing the knowledge and skill of an experienced eCommerce broker can not only shorten the time period it takes to find a highly-qualified, liquid buyer, it also saves an enormous amount of stress.

Valuating a company’s worth should never be taken lightly or “fudged” in any way. Online company valuation calculators can offer a rough idea of what the price should be for a website business for sale, but it’s never a true price. This is because there are many factors involved in deciphering a company’s true value, and a simple online calculator can never know the nuances or future opportunities of every business.

The value of a website business for sale should include a review of scale opportunities and the subsequent cost of scale. This will help to identity near-term growth opportunities to then create a future cash flow model post scale. Other aspects to consider include the ability of the business to branch off into other marketplaces, if the advertising budget has been undeserved, or perhaps not served properly, whether or not organic searches make up a large portion of the visitor mix and also if the business is in a niche sector or otherwise has barriers to entry.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for an exit strategy, and who want to determine the value of their website company should look to an experienced eCommerce broker. Keep in mind that real estate agents of brick and mortar stores do not have the same kind of knowledge or skill set that an eCommerce broker does. Also, some eCommerce brokers who lack the necessary experience may simply use multiples of cash flow for their valuation formula. So, look for an eCommerce broker with decades of experience and a long list of testimonials from clients in the digital world.