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Want to Be a Great Leader? Follow These 7 Strategies

Posted by Scott Reid in Articles


Being successful in business doesn’t just mean working hard and being innovative, it’s also about successfully and personably interacting with the people who are working right along beside you. Lousy leadership means lower profits because employees are not inspired, and are often easily swayed to the competition. When you show great leadership skills, you have the attention and the adoration of your employees, as well as the envy of your competitors.

1)      Don’t ever doubt yourself. Being an entrepreneur is not for the meek, in fact, it’s something like being the proverbial lion in the jungle. Don’t ever give up on your idea, or yourself, and your employees and friends will always look at you as a positive leader.

2)      Find the best people you can find. When it comes to fulfilling your own dream, you need to put the best players in place and work hard to keep their loyalty.

3)      Be okay with failure. Although it might seem like your enemy, failure can be your friend in that has invaluable lessons for you to learn for future success.

4)      Don’t bite off… yes, more than you can chew. Although you’d like to rule the world, start with a small niche where you can be a big fish in a little pond.

5)      Let go of those who bring you down. There are bound to be people along the way that don’t hold up to your vision of excellence. Cut them loose before they drag you, and your vision down.

6)      Stay humble. Again, ruling the world (so to speak) can turn a reasonable entrepreneur into a greedy one. Don’t let this happen to you. Be mindful of how you share in the profits.

7)      Stay positive. The entrepreneurial path is loaded with bumps, cracks, and other obstacles. Knowing this, and circumventing, hurdling, or crafting your own way around them will keep the end game in sight.

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