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Ways to Ditch the 9-5 & Be Your Own Boss

Posted by Justin Harris in Articles


Creative types and entrepreneurs have these moments often – they’re sitting in a meeting, or they’re on their way to work and they think, “If only I could be my own boss. I’d do things so much differently. I’d be so enthusiastic and pumped up in the morning.” And guess what, you can be. Even though many of these thoughts might revolve around the idea of starting your very own business, there are other ways you can start sooner and still be your own boss. After all, starting your own business takes time, effort, energy, money, research – and let’s face it, some of us are much too burned out to wait.

Buy a Franchise.

Yes, the idea of buying a franchise drums up the idea of investing a lot of money. And, most franchises can cost anywhere between tens of thousands to millions of dollars. However, there are some franchises that cost as little as $4,000, you just need to do the research and find out what interests you. Before you dive right into purchasing a franchise, it’s best to do some legwork first. You should read that particular company’s Franchise Disclosure Document, as well as talk with existing franchisees and talk with your own accountant and attorney.

Become a Consultant or a Freelancer.

There are many services that people need, and they don’t generally require a large company to acquire them. Are you interested in doing electrical work, plumbing, or maybe woodworking? You can earn a certificate or license (whatever is required within your state) and start your own business this way. Or (better yet) you may already hold these licenses. There is also a need for freelance writers, accountants, computer engineers, interior designers, etc.

When you follow your passion, it’s even easier to succeed. Be sure to look up all of the laws and regulations within your state and city so that you operate on a fully legal level.

Align with an Existing Brand.

There are many large, well-known brands out there that need representatives working for them. And what’s great about this is that you can generally be your own boss, work from home, and make your own hours. Think insurance agencies, real estate agencies, etc. You get trained on the product or service, and receive back end support and then take it from there. Your main goal will be to sell the product and to keep customers happy. It might take a few months up to a year before you’re able to start on your own, but it could be well worth it to you.

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