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Website for Sale by Owner? Not a Good Idea

Posted by Ron Matheson in Articles


Yes, it’s true that some people sell their own property. Whether it is a car, a home or a business, some entrepreneurs delve into the sticky and treacherous waters of selling, and hang their ‘website for sale by owner’ sign with hopeful trepidation. Selling a property, regardless of whether it is a physical, brick and mortar entity or an online business, is so much more than slapping a price tag onto it and hoping the right buyers will somehow find their way to the closing table. knows this, in fact, they have 20 years of experience buying and selling sites and entrepreneurs that are looking for a profitable exit strategy can reap the benefit of their wisdom.

How to buy and sell websites is something takes very seriously. They offer a free consultation which includes a business valuation, so sellers can get a clear and concise idea about the value of their business. Sellers putting their website for sale by owner might use online calculators that give them a very rough idea about the value of their business. However, a brick and mortar real estate agent never suggests a selling price without first looking inside, at all of the rooms, the condition of the house, the location, etc. In this way, considers several factors when they provide a business valuation price because there are many factors that have an impact on it, unlike what the online calculators can furnish.

Not just the business valuation aspect, but knowing how to find the right buyers and how to present a solid deal to local and regional banks and other lending institutions is why is a proven website brokerage firm who has great success getting the maximum sales price for their clients. Selling sites might at first seem like a hurdle any entrepreneur could easily tackle, but for those who are serious and don’t want to waste time, and want to make the best profit possible, is the only viable option.