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Website Sales Tips: Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Online Business

Posted by Izach Porter in Articles

Have you ever been involved in website sales in the past? Even if you’ve previously sold a website, it’s a good idea to engage with an online business broker to help you. Websites sales techniques evolve quickly, and you want someone who is thoroughly practiced.

Finding the right broker is the first thing you should do after exclaiming “I want to sell my website business!”

Website Sales Post-Valuation

If you’re ready to put it out there search “how to sell my website business”, it’s a smart move to get a valuation done first. Your online business brokerage can help.

If you’ve already completed the website valuation and are curious about how to sell and e-commerce site, a website brokerage can assist you with this process.  An Internet business brokerage will be highly knowledgeable about protecting you interest and insuring that you have considered all of the various aspects that a prospective buyer will consider.

The Internet business brokerage you choose should also be knowledgeable about people in the field who may be a perfect fit for you when you sell your website.  When it comes to selling an e-commerce business, you need to think like a buyer in order to prepare to sell your website.

Website Sales Factors Buyers Want to Know Before a Purchase

Buyers consider numerous options before purchasing someone else’s website.

Domain Authority

Particularly if you intend to get some kind of high paying advertisement that converts into sales, or a sponsored review, domain authority matters significantly.  Finding a high domain authority site can also tell you that the website is already well optimized, making it easier for the buyer to step in quickly.

Make sure that your site is well optimized before listing it for sale.  Website sales are much easier when you can show that you have solid domain authority. It will be much easier to sell your website when you can show it’s quite popular already.

Keyword Ranking

A website may rank for the wrong key word and lead to a lot of traffic, but these wrong ranking key words will not ultimately lead to a sale.

When you are curious about how to sell a website, your Internet business brokerage may be able to walk you through the steps you should take for appropriate key words in advance.  These are crucial when you intend to sell a website and will help with your website valuation as well.  If you’ve already done the legwork for website sales by showing a keyword ranking report, more buyers may be interested.


When most people think about beginning their online business, they are not concerned about the look of the site.  But as any website brokerage can tell you, buyers want to be pleased with aesthetics and will consider the overall look of your website.  Website sales, however, could hinge on design elements.

Website design has multiple impacts because it provides the foundation for the overall consumer experience and serves as the brand for the site.  Any savvy website buyer will be interested in the website design.  Even though there are minor customizations that can be made after the fact, website brokers often find that thoroughly designed websites can make a big difference in bringing up a valuable buyer sooner rather than later.

Make sure that if you choose to sell an Internet business or an e-commerce site that you have a website brokerage who will give you an overview of the process from the beginning.

If you’re curious and searching for “how to sell my website business”, you’re in the right place! We can help you with all aspects of your website sale.