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Share: is a leading digital brokerage that helps those interested in buying or selling a business achieve their dreams. This team of experts is able, upon an initial consultation, to review a company and provide an in-depth analysis of what the best course of action will be to take the company to market.  Sometimes it is better for the Seller to wait, but other times it might make sense to get started right away – either way, this loyal team will be with you during the entire process. And not only are we able to match buyers with sellers in a matter of weeks, we have a network of professionals that help buyers and sellers with the process of closing a business.

These professionals include Due Diligence Experts, Accountants, Tax Professionals, Law Firms, etc. – all of which we have negotiated upfront rates, making it virtually impossible for somebody to beat the administrative cost associated with buying or selling an Internet company. But most importantly, we have bank connections that put us in front of the class. We are experts at SBA business financing – we know how to package the business for the lending process so that it looks exactly how our banks need it to look in order to obtain underwriting approval. This alone is no easy task, but when you work with Website Closers, you don’t get just any business broker, you get a brokerage and its network that hand hold during the entire process – we prefer to micromanage each deal from start to finish – leaving nothing to others who can make mistakes or delay the process.

The Company’s founders started up this business because they witnessed for themselves, while buying and selling their own companies, what the “normal” business broker is like. Normal business brokers are terrified of the SBA lending process, have no network, are difficult to get in touch with, and do not have the finesse necessary to get a deal closed. We call ourselves “Website Closers” because that’s what we do – we close deals. Normal brokers sometimes get lost when issues come up (and they always come up). We are not “normal” brokers – we are experts in our field. We own and operates websites and digital firms ourselves. Our founders have experience in a number of fields, including digital marketing, legal and M&A – all of which helps the family at Website Closers provide the very best success rate you could hope for in a business brokerage. Business brokers should not just be there for you at the beginning and to connect you with potential buyers – they should walk hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process to make sure the deal gets done. That’s what we do – and we do it really, really well. Just ask our satisfied clients!

Besides the brokerage side of the house, and because of our experience, we are also able to help advise and provide consultation on best practices to prepare a business for exit.  This advice can help a Seller sell his Website or other digital company at the highest possible multiple, and at the smartest time possible.

Whether you own an Amazon company (operating on Seller Central, Amazon Web Services or you sell directly to Amazon), eCommerce storefront or other company that operates in any way in the Internet space, we can help you.  Selling a business is not an easy task – it takes patience, persistence and finesse to maximize a sales price – and the third party team within our network may also be able to help you save on Taxes when it comes time to sell you business. It will be worth you time to give us a call or email us to identify what we can do for you. We don’t earn a dime until we’ve sold your business – we invest with you upfront, and only earn a commission once the deal closes.

Let’s work together – give us a call at (800) 251.1559 or email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to get started.