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What Is Defensive Ad Spending?

Posted by Chris Kern in Articles

Are you thinking about investing in other tools to help you grow your Amazon FBA business? Whether you’re currently attempting to gain traction in the market for your own purposes or are thinking about the end game of selling your Amazon FBA business, it makes sense to invest funds that can help to drive traffic to your site.

This should always be done in addition to the organic work you have done to bring in sales through other means. Having an optimized listing, for example, will help you to bring in organic sales. Doing plenty of price testing will tell you the ideal price location for your current strategy and will allow you to tweak and test as you go along.

Although relying on a pay-per-click or advertising strategy can be beneficial, it should not be the only method through which you attempt to grow your Amazon FBA business. In this blog we’ll go through the basics of defensive ad spending. In some cases, your product might already be performing well in the Amazon algorithm or if you already have enough brand recognition that leads people to directly search for your products or your brands, ads can be a defensive measure to help protect the corner of market share you have already begun to own.

On any given page in search engine results or on Amazon directly, there are a limited number of ad spaces available. This means that when a shopper is searching for a product, there are only so many opportunities for them to see an item. You might already have beneficial organic positioning for your ideal products, which could lead you to believe that you don’t need to invest any further money in advertising at all.

However, thinking this on its own could be a big mistake. Aggressively advertising and using ads in a defensive manner could help to suppress the competition and ensure that someone else’s product directly competing with yours, does not appear on this page.

Furthermore, this will greatly enhance the probability that your product is selected. The focus of your defensive advertising spending campaign may not be on directly profitable spending. Instead your focus is about enhancing the overall performance of your product by dominating the limited space available within the advertising arena.

If you already have several key products directly related to a search term, you can help to influence the overall shopping decisions made by a person who is seeking that item already by enhancing the already firmly established visibility for your brand.

If you’re already driving good traffic and have great reviews for your Amazon FBA products, holding multiple ad locations within the search result helps to enforce that you are a leader in this area and can increase the chances that a consumer will more broadly explore your brand while preventing someone else from garnering that same visibility level within the Amazon search results.

With defensive ad spending, you can corner a bigger section of the market and block your competition from achieving their own goals at the same time.