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What Role Will Personalization Play in Amazon FBA’s Future?

Posted by Sophie Williams in
e commerce business sale
Predicting buyer interests, needs and expectations will become an increasingly important component of Amazon FBA. The next wave of personalization in online shopping will be extremely important for companies to stay at the cutting edge, and Amazon FBA third party sellers will be no exception. The more you can target your ideal buyer and present your product as the premier solution for them, the easier it is to scale your FBA business. With more sellers jumping onto FBA every single day, one trend we’ve noticed with the FBA businesses we’ve helped sell is that personalization helps with positioning. When you sell your Amazon FBA business with the support of a business broker, that broker is looking for every differentiating fact that will appeal to a strategic buyer. When we can see that you’ve developed a strong system for playing right into Amazon’s algorithm and the great copy and keywords to go with it, you’re already ahead of the curve and it makes our job that much easier. E-commerce will increasingly use technology to capture as much information as possible about a prospective buyer and their intended behavior. This technology will be designed to give a better experience to the customer overall. In 2018 e-commerce only made up 14.3% of all retail sales. However, global retail sales are anticipated to hit over US$28 trillion by 2020. This means that there are plenty of amazing opportunities still available in retail including opportunities to leverage Amazon FBA. But founding your own Amazon FBA company today doesn’t mean that you must have intentions to continue this company’s operation under your own umbrella for many years to come. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly popular to build a successful Amazon FBA store and then communicate with a business broker about the potential to sell it. There are many reasons why business buyers would have an interest in Amazon FBA store. They’re probably many of the same reasons that brought you to consider Amazon FBA to begin with. First of all, the existing infrastructure of Amazon and its broad reach to customers all over the world means that it’s easier than ever to launch your own Amazon FBA business. This also means that competition has gotten stiffer, so you must be competent in up-leveling the customer experience at every turn to ensure that your business remains competitive. Your business must stay competitive if you ultimately intend to list the company for sale and move on to bigger and better ventures. The support of an experienced business broker can make it that much easier for you to outline where your Amazon FBA business is at now, and some of the metrics that you could potentially influence in the coming months and years to make your business as easy to sell as possible. The support of a dedicated business broker can make it so much more enjoyable to approach this prospect of leveraging your Amazon FBA business now and into the future.