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What to Consider when You Sell a Website

Posted by John Fairchild in Articles


Entrepreneurs who are ready to sell a website have a lot of items to consider before actually putting the site on the virtual market. For those who want to sell a website, the first thing to consider is if they should put the site up for sale themselves, or if they should choose one of the many brokers for eCommerce business available. 99% is an impressive and persuasive number – and it represents the number of entrepreneurs who fail when they sell a website on their own. This number alone should convince the website owner to find an experienced and proven company of brokers for eCommerce business to help them through this murky, complicated and sometimes emotional process.

For those who want to sell an Amazon business or any other web property, the task of figuring out the value of the website can be daunting. There are a number of online calculators that can be utilized for this; however, none of them fully incorporate all that is involved in completely and accurately determining the value of a website. Sometimes, even less experienced brokers for eCommerce business might take the route of simply providing multiples of cash flow for their valuation formula. This, too, is short-sighted. There are a number of factors involved in website valuation that only a highly-experienced, historically successful company of brokers for eCommerce business know to consider.

Confidentiality is another consideration when an entrepreneur is ready to sell a website. Without retaining confidentiality, word can get out that the website is to be sold, and this has been known to adversely affect employees as well as suppliers. This type of information leakage can lead to the degradation of the business value, and will ultimately be seen as a colossal negative in the eyes of a potential buyer.