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When You Have an Ecommerce Business for Sale - Trust an Experienced Internet Business Broker

Posted by Tom Howard in Articles


There are many different reasons why entrepreneurs decide to put their ecommerce business up for sale, it could be that they got a better job offer, one that’s more lucrative or interesting, they could be retiring, or they could just decide that it’s time to move on from that particular project. Whatever the case may be, when you are ready to put your ecommerce business up for sale, don’t trust anyone but the most experienced business broker. Even though you’re ready to walk away from the project, you don’t want to leave money on the table after all of your hard work has gone into it, likely, for years.

Even though they both deal in properties, internet business brokers are vastly different from real estate agents. One, the business broker, handles only online properties, whereas a real estate agent specifically handles brick and mortar, physical properties. It might not seem like it because they are both for-profit businesses, but these types of properties are distinctly different and require an entirely different set of skills for a successful, and profitable, sale.

Experience is the Teacher of All Things – Julius Caesar

One of the qualities that a great internet business broker should have is a bounty of experience. How long has the firm been in business? A year? Two years? Certainly, not enough time to encounter every type of obstacle or nuance that the art of selling ecommerce sites has to offer. When you are seeking a truly great internet business broker, don’t settle for less than two decades of experience, as that is how long the internet (as we know it) has been evolving into what it is today.

There are Limits to the Amount of Information One Can Share. Confidentiality is Essential – Gijs de Vries

When it comes to putting an ecommerce business up for sale, it’s essential that the internet business broker keep the details, even the idea of the sale, completely confidential. If employees or vendors were to catch wind of the possible sale, it could cause fear, trepidation and confusion among the staff, quite possible resulting in decreased productivity and revenue. A great business broker will see to it that all aspects of the sale are kept confidential. is a boutique brokerage firm with 20 years of experience in the industry of buying and selling ecommerce sites. They strongly believe in confidentiality and offer a free consultation to prospective clients, contact them today for more information.