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Why Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Users is Paramount to Business Success

Posted by Carson Bomar in Articles


Do you know the statistics? There are more mobile users now than ever before, and the numbers just keep growing. Mobile shoppers are different from other types of shoppers; they do things more quickly including browsing, shopping and purchasing. They aren’t interested in a relaxing afternoon trip to the mall; they want to find what they want quickly and buy it even more quickly.

More than a quarter of web searches worldwide are made from a mobile device. With over one billion searchers worldwide, this puts mobile optimization into a category all its own. Google has even stated that websites that are not mobile compatible may actually lose search engine ranking. One thing that customers trust and enjoy is a seamless transition between searching on their mobile device to finding the same website and either shopping further or making their purchases from their desktop.

One-third of people will leave a website if it isn’t optimized for their mobile device. They just don’t have the time. And one-third equals a lot of potential sales, that’s why it’s important for business owners to do their best to optimize their sites for mobile device viewing.

Small business brokers,, specialize in selling and buying websites. They have been in the industry since 1998 and have seen all of the ups and downs in the process throughout the years. Below is a “Mobile Device Check Up” to help you decide if your website is mobile friendly:

  • Is my site easy to navigate from a mobile device?
  • Is my eye drawn to my business message and/or key selling points?
  • Is my site providing an acceptable user experience?
  • Is the content on the site easy to read on the mobile device?
  • If I didn’t own this site, would I want to spend time here?
  • Can I easily see the call to action, and get there?
  • Is my site loading in three seconds or less? (You run the risk of losing 57% of mobile users if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load).

If you are interested in buying or selling websites, contact small business brokers, for a free consultation and website valuation. They are a boutique brokerage firm that doesn’t take a dime of commission until your site is sold.