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Will My Website Business Sell Quickly?

Posted by Andrew McSwain in Articles


When a homeowner puts their house up for sale, it’s usually very difficult to determine exactly how long it will take for it to sell and ultimately, close. Different aspects surround the sale of a house, just like they do the sale of a website business. When selling a house, things like city, neighborhood, schools, age of house and square footage have a lot of impact on not just the price placed on the house but also how long it will take it to sell in the current market.

When it comes to selling commerce sites, similarities exist like neighborhood (niche), square footage (size) and age of the house (age of the website, the older the better), so these are features that can also go into determining how long it will take to sell a particular website business. An online business broker can help an entrepreneur looking to sell their website company by helping them determine things like – does it have superior search engine positioning? Is there a large customer database? Is the domain name healthy and sound? Are there a large number of unique visitors on a regular basis? Is there healthy revenue coming in?

All of these aspects come into play when the large pool of buyers looking for solid, quality websites gets brought in to consider websites that are up for sale. It’s important to note that a business owner should seek out an online business broker that is adept at finding the right buyers who will be able to see the process through to closing. The online business broker should also have many bank and lender contacts with high respect in the industry. The website itself should gain enormous exposure by placing itself strategically in front of the right buyers through effective search engine optimization, as well as offering numerous website businesses for sale on a regular basis.

Generally, selling eCommerce sites takes between three and six months from the letter of intent to the closing table. Honing this further depends on the factors listed above as well as the market trends, etc. If you are thinking about selling an eCommerce website, find a reputable and trustworthy online business broker that can help you through every step of the process, and before you know it, your website will be successfully (and profitably) sold.