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Wondering Where to Sell an Amazon Business?

Posted by Tom Hall in Articles


Are you wondering where to sell an Amazon business? It’s easier than you think. The first thing to do is to find a successful and knowledgeable internet business broker who has years of experience. The great thing about Amazon companies is that, by “riding on the Amazon coat tails,” people are able to generate a lot of money because the Amazon name alone brings in an abundance of traffic and customers.

But many people in this position wonder, “I’ve built this amazing company, how can I best capitalize on it?” Having built, owned and managed an Amazon company puts the entrepreneur in a great position. Amazon is one of the hottest, if not THE hottest online marketplace with a lot of competition for buyers but at the same, with tons of traffic. Having an asset such as an Amazon business allows the business owner to go to an internet business broker and have a leg up on starting the selling process.

There are many different dynamics involved when selling an Amazon business. Some of these include the seller’s ability to offer the buyer unfettered reviews. And perhaps the single most important feature when selling an Amazon business is the ability to give the buyer access to the ever-coveted Amazon Buy Box. This is a very reliable asset to a buyer and if they have other products of their own, as well, it will be a very valuable commodity to them.

But the important thing is, the entrepreneur needs to find an internet business broker with experience in buying, selling and managing their own Amazon businesses, and is that company. With $150,000,000 in successfully sold businesses under their belt, they also have immense experience when it comes to answering the question, “Where to sell an Amazon company?”

Having been in business for nearly two decades, has witnessed and worked through the many internet fluctuations and have learned every step of the way. This experience puts them ahead of any other internet business broker who might claim the same thing. is a boutique brokerage firm. This statement and policy counts for so much, it means they will put off charging their commission until the company’s site is sold. This means greater respect and confidence in the seller, and even greater effort on their part, the internet business broker.