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You Can’t Win the Game if You Can’t See the Bullseye: How to Identify and Learn About Your Target Market

Posted by Lenny Farber in Articles


You might think you know the demographics you are aiming for when it comes to marketing your business, but what you really need to know about is: the customer. Demographics is much too broad a term to be as effective as you need to be in today’s marketing world. To identify your target market, consider the following:

  • Survey your existing audience. Ask them questions that relate to your brand and your product selection like, “What do you consider when purchasing (our) product,” and “How important is (fill in the blank) to you?”
  • Let your competitors do the work for you. Since their target market is the same as yours, take special notice on how they craft their advertisements to lure prospective customers.
  • Put the glass to the door – listen to what people are saying in social media, identify new topics that are trending, what they are interested in, what brands are they targeting currently (and then employ strategy two above).
  • Remember that just as people grow and change, so do market trends and businesses. Understanding your target audience will never be something that is written in black and white, give yourself breathing room to learn and grow.
  • Your target audience uses other products too, not related to your own industry, so find out what interests them and what they are buying to help shape your image of them and what they identify with and ultimately choose to purchase.
  • Let others teach you. You aren’t the first in the business, and you won’t be the last, research and analyze what others have found before you in terms of psychological analyses, case studies, etc.

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