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Your Business Needs Video Content in Order to Stay Competitive In 2020

Posted by Megan Gunsorek in Articles

If you have an eye in the future on the possibility of selling your business for profit, you probably have a lot of different factors to consider in the back of your mind about what makes the most sense for selling it. If you already have established search engine traffic and a solid game in social media, don’t forget about the possibilities available to you with video. Video has become an increasingly popular way to retain and attract new customers to your brand. Whether it’s for educational or marketing purposes, adding video into your business can be very beneficial to your overall strategy. One of the most important things you can do for your prospective customers is to answer a question or fulfill a need. In every industry there are probably ten common questions that clients come to you with. Create videos that answer those ten popular questions and then upload them effectively.

This approach works really well because you are targeting questions that customers are already looking for, which means that they are probably typing them into search engine traffic as well. If you are stumped on how to get started on a video and are little bit nervous about doing it on your own, you can interview educators and creators who are in your direct pipeline as vendors. The customers come out being more educated and you have additional content that you can repurpose in different ways for marketing purposes. Videos can be excellent for externally facing marketing goals.

However, when used internally they can also help to develop relationships with your staff who might be working remotely. Videos can help new staff members get onboarded as soon as possible and create monthly engaging and inclusive team meetings that enhance the ability to create strong working relationships even if you are not physically in the same place. If you regularly accomplish things within the business that you are proud to share, video is an excellent medium through which to publish this.

We live in the age of video content and a good piece of video will be able to sell your idea much better than text in some cases. This gives customers the opportunity to get to know you better by using both non-verbal and verbal signs. By connecting live with your audience, you are creating content that is directly relevant to their most urgent needs but also helps to position you as a knowledgeable leader in your industry.

If you are confident that this could be your newest marketing channel in 2020, this could also be your opportunity to think about listing your business for sale in a couple of years. Having multiple different marketing channels established with the systems and processes to support them makes it easier for you to show an outside business purchaser the potential benefits for them.