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You’ve bought the Website - Now Make a Sale!

Posted by Ron Matheson in Articles


Just like that lonely, tattered single dollar bill that gets the place of honor on the wall in a brick and mortar establishment, the first sale for an internet business is equally as important. But, the process by which you get that first sale may be a different one, indeed. At, we are here when you want to sell your website and for when you want to buy another one. We are a website broker with nearly two decades of experience and we encourage entrepreneurs who are just getting into the online ecommerce arena to read as much as possible about how to become successful. Below are tips on making your first online sale.

  • Produce free, valuable content through blogging. “How to” information is of extreme importance, no matter what industry you’re in. If you prove to create content that people can really use, they’ll spend more time on your site, and trust what you have to offer.
  • Swap time consuming marketing methods for one quick public relations event. If done correctly, it could save a lot of time and energy, and your brand will be propelled into stardom.
  • Consider affiliate marketing. Why not let other people sell your products? Sure, it cuts down on your profit percentage but it widens your business scope, and sometimes the latter is much more effective in the long run.
  • Write and publish a unique and newsworthy press release. Let people know about your business so that they will be motivated to purchasing products from you.
  • Promote your products through a contest or a free giveaway. People adore being able to get free things. Your contest can be small and fun and personalized, and with social media, that makes it super easy to follow through for you and for your potential customers.
  • We live in a visual age! Use Vine, Pinterest, Instagram to get your products online in picture form. Market them in an interesting way that shows your creativity and passion for the product and others are sure to follow suit! is a website broker dedicated to guiding buyers and sellers of online businesses. When you want to sell your business, contact them for a free website valuation and a free consultation. They never take a commission into their client’s site has sold.