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Andy DeJaco Business Broker


Andy has spent his whole life inventing, selling his ideas, and teaching what he has learned. After recently selling his family businesses through Websiteclosers, Andy Joined the WC team to walk other business owners through the selling process and advocate for  win-win deals for both sides of the table. He relates the process of selling a business to sending your last child away to college. It’s a major life change for both sides of the deal and he is here to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Andy started his career as an electrical engineer pioneering audio in the early days of Digital Cellular technology with tech maverick, Qualcomm, in San Diego CA.  Always an innovator and an entrepreneur, he ran a team of 60 engineers and holds more than 50 patents.  He also honed his early negotiation skills while convincing global companies to choose Qualcomm’s technology  for CDMA Cellular standards. Andy left Qualcomm in 2003 as a VP of engineering in favor of spending more time with family and teaching the next generation of innovators.  Moving his family of 5 back to his home state of Ohio, Andy used his math, computer, and communication skills to teach college prep math and computer classes at St Charles Preparatory School, where 90% of his AP Calculus students earned 5’s on the national test.  These were the years that Andy and his wife Judee raised their 3 children and took care of their aging parents. 

As the nest was emptying and the family demands waned, Andy’s entrepreneurial spirits lead him to join Judee in her Gluten Free Baking Business in 2012.  She had been selling out each week at the farmers markets and was steadily growing the business into restaurants and grocery stores.  In 2013, Andy discovered the power of the Amazon marketplace data to grow their product line.  With this data, Andy was able to grow their Amazon FBA business  to 56 skus and double sales of their brand, Judee’s Gluten Free, for seven years, culminating with a tripling of sales and profits in 2020.

In early 2021, Andy and Judee sold the business they had nurtured for the past 9 years.  Andy enjoyed the process so much that he joined the WC team soon after closing and transitioning  the business to the new owners.  Andy likes the entrepreneurial spirit, team approach, and expertise at WebsiteClosers to bring Sellers and Buyers together on so many deals.  He enjoys meeting buyers and sellers and learning about their unique businesses.  He uses his experience of being in the seller’s shoes, and his problem solving and communication skills to make deals happen.  


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