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Nate Lind Business Broker

Nate Lind Business Broker
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San Juan, Puerto Rico


Nathan Lind (Nate), the youngest of six kids, is an American entrepreneur, triathlete and business coach. Born in Kansas, Lind spent his first few years running wild in the forests and fields behind the house his grandfather built before the family relocated to Virginia where he explored, like early colonists, the creeks and woods nearby. Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad inspired Lind to dream of financial success. His first taste of financial success came in his early 20s when he developed over 75 real estate projects. When he saw the impending housing crash coming in 2007, he transitioned from developer to Fortune 100 consultant. Lind led multibillion-dollar projects at the world’s largest financial institutions, like Fannie Mae and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

By 2011, he was recruited to Bank of America as a vice president. Lind, a serial entrepreneur, began looking to acquire a supplement company in 2011, which failed due diligence but inspired him to found his own company selling products online direct to consumers. After 9 months of trial and error, his brands reached $1 million a month in sales and experienced 100% growth year over year. He’s sold over $109 million worth of products direct to consumers around the world. He also exited his first company in 2016, which was an e-commerce technology to a shopping cart platform.

In keeping with the Rich Dad Poor Dad spirit to seek financial freedom for himself, Lind joined WebsiteClosers in 2020 as a business broker. He sells internet and technology-focused businesses like Realtors sell homes. Lind bought his own Website Closers franchise in 2021, and he has two associate brokers on his team and continues helping entrepreneurs escape their own rat race.

Lind splits his time between Puerto Rico and Texas with his two boys, where he leads them on adventures to teach them the nature of humanity and how to create their own magical lives.


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Nate's Testimonials

Website Closers Brokers Nate Lind and Izach Porter co-broker a successful transaction.... read more

I found Website Closers by searching on Google and was impressed with the website. Out of curiosity, I filled out the interest form, and that very night (like 10 PM!), I got a response from Nate Lind, who set up... read more a video chat for the very next day. Responsiveness is always a good sign for a service business. I was impressed. When I met with Nate, I knew this was going to be a good company to work with. Not only did he allay all of my fears, answer all of my questions, and explain the whole process, Nate, in particular, has a very in-depth YouTube channel all about selling your business. I watched all of his videos. The process of listing with Website Closers was very easy, and I felt supported all the way through it.
First, the valuation of our business was way, WAY higher than anything I had gotten before or even thought possible. They really go the extra mile with listing too, thorough well-written descriptions and regular emails out to their enormous list of vetted buyers. I know Nate did a lot of work behind the scenes with talking to buyers and bringing us only the best ones. I was confident and comfortable through the entire process with Nate, and in the end, we got a crackin’ deal. Website Closers really is the “big fish” in the e-commerce brokerage world, and they are worth every penny. I highly recommend them.
—Lauren Stowell

If you’re even thinking about selling your business, hit up Website Closers! Nate Lind was able to help navigate the entire process with ease. He helped me get my books in order, filter out serious buyers, set up meetings, negotiate... read more price and terms, and most importantly, get me paid! I highly recommend working with them; they’re worth every penny. Even if you’re just thinking about it, it doesn’t hurt to contact Nate and the team at Website Closers to just see what your options are.

These guys are the absolute best in the business if you are looking to buy or sell your eCommerce company. We worked with Nate and Jason for over a year and they navigated us through so many ups and downs... read more and ultimately helped us across the finish line for a 25M exit. Definitely couldn’t have done it without them. They have the largest network of buyers and their relationships make it super easy for them to get your company in front of the right people. Now, I’m on the acquisition side and I’ll definitely be working with Website Closers again to buy some quality businesses! – Austin Wright

Chris McCarthy runs a digital marketing firm and in only a few minutes he made more than many people make in a year by referring one of his clients to Website Closers when they talked about potentially selling their business.... read more

Viraj Patel gives a testimonial on his experience selling his Amazon FBA business with Website Closers. It’s a great time to think about selling your business, especially since covid-19 because multiples are continuing to go up. As an entrepreneur, you... read more want to make sure your business is valued at a price that you agree with. Tune in to hear us compare eCommerce brokerages and detail the value in choosing the right one to sell through, as well as how to avoid undervaluing your business. Viraj gives some insight into what the acquisition process was like and offers advice to entrepreneurs who are interested in selling their company. We emphasize the importance of building relationships with your broker, being alert and jumping on an opportunity to buy a business, as well as the best and worst position to be in during a closing. Viraj could have lost $650k if he went with the other brokerage he was looking at. Good thing he chose Website Closers, where that $650k was saved! If you’re interested in getting your business sold, the first step is getting it valuated. Reach out to me to get your business valuation started!

Jon Elder, who sold his 7-figure business through Website Closers, as we discuss the process he went through to sell his company and what he learned along the way. Jon starts off by detailing why and how he started his... read more business as an Amazon seller and why he picked Website Closers over anyone else. While highlighting valuable lessons he’s learned from his journey in the sales process, he details the importance of continuing to grow and run your business like you normally do, having a plan of success for the buyer, training your buyer to run your business, and having your financials organized by a professional. Let’s be honest, going through an acquisition is exhausting, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Tune in to hear a few tips regarding going through a sale with a bank involved and having a transition plan for your exit. Then, Jon shares the story of how he got into consultancy and what he would have done differently if he could go back in time (hint: it has to do with branding that fits with the mission statement!).

Lucas Siegal shares his story about selling his business with Website Closers. He gives some insights on what other sellers should consider when going through the process and how to approach the sale.... read more

Sometimes our clients decide not to sell, but they always benefit. Here’s a video of the things that our client AmyAnn learned and what she’ll be working on before she decides to try again later. “I loved that you were... read more you know, a founder and entrepreneur and had such deep experience in the eCommerce space. And I think that that shows through the process of just like, you know, being on this side of things and yeah, I’m glad we found each other and excited to stay connected.” –

“Anyone looking to sell a website or sell our business online. In order for that to be effective, and to get the best bang for your buck, the best value for you, you’re going to need to understand how the... read more process works, you’re going to need to understand what you’re going to have to have prepared it together. It just so happens in this situation. I’ve done this a few times, I kind of knew what we needed to have together. But if you haven’t ever done that, you’re going to need somebody in your corner, that’s going to get the best value the best multiple, and the only way that’s going to happen is somebody knows what to do. And I have not found a single company. I’m not going to anyone out there that knows what they’re doing better than Nate. And so if you are thinking and it doesn’t matter if your business is only a year and a half, one and a half years old, like he said, he can still take a look at it. He can still look at the numbers and figure out okay, this is going to be a potential thing we could potentially sell or you may want to hold off for a little bit. He’s going to know what to do so it doesn’t matter what state your businesses in which you’re going to if you’re looking to sell it number one, you need to get advice from somebody who’s done this many times like Nate. Number two, you’re going to need to have someone in your corner like Nate, he’s going to get the best value multiple for you.” – Shaun Roberts

“I worked with some local brokers in my hometown of Tulsa before working with Website Closers, I wasn’t impressed, I had to do a lot of the work myself, And I just wasn’t impressed with the effort they put in.... read more Nate valued my company at a higher number, and we actually got that number.I didn’t think we were gonna get any offers. I paid off my house and personal debt with the sale.
Nate was much more knowledgeable than previous brokers I’ve worked with in the past. I was very impressed with Nate’s knowledge of and understanding of the financial documents. Nate was confident when he spoke. He’s very analytical. And I could tell, he had a lot of knowledge about the industry.
He told me the good and the bad, which I appreciated.
I did some research on Website Closers. And it seemed like they had a lot of successful transactions, a lot of good reviews, which made me feel even more comfortable. I felt good that I was backed up by Website Closers, and as well as a good representative of the company, Nate Lind.
Nate’s not only a great business broker, but he was a good psychiatrist, and psychologist for me, I backed out maybe 10 or 15 times, and he was sympathetic to me, he wasn’t mad at all. He didn’t push me in any one direction, I didn’t feel pressured by any means.
A good business broker such as Nate, it’s not just numbers and analytical data, it’s very much an emotional game, as well. And he handled that quite well.”
– Sean Nelson

Thomas Varghese founded and operated a digital marketing agency, eBizUniverse, for over fifteen years. He learned of Website Closers some time ago while still scaling his company when he was looking to make smaller acquisitions as a bolt-on to his... read more own. Things came full circle in 2022 when he decided he wanted to sell his business to spend more time with his family, and he began working with broker Nate Lind, ultimately closing the deal early in 2023.
“You have a long list of buyers in your database, and I think hands down that’s what people should be looking for,” says Thomas. “You should use Nate and Website Closers because they got me the greatest buyers, saved me a lot of time, and got me a lot of money.”
This testimonial is brought to you by Our team of attorneys, accountants, consultants, and serial entrepreneurs have sold close to a billion dollars’ worth of Tech and Internet companies, ranging from $500,000 to $200,000,000. These include software companies, Amazon and eCommerce businesses, Websites and Domains, Technology and IP Companies, Business Services, Internet Businesses, MSP and IT Solutions,
Web, App & Software Development, and Advertising and Marketing Services.

Tampa, Florida. September 1, 2022 –, the world’s largest Business Brokerage focused on the SMB & Lower Middle Market for Technology and Internet Brands, announces the sale of Beard King, a brand that became famous after being focused on... read more Shark Tank. 
The acquisition was completed by and purchased from Raj Patel, a private businessman. Mr. Patel originally purchased the business through Website Closers directly from the company’s founders. The terms of the deal will not be disclosed for confidentiality purposes, but Mr. Patel confirmed that multiple offers were received, and the Beard King sold around his preferred asking price.
Nate Lind, a Franchise Owner and Senior Broker with Website Closers, managed the transaction. As Mr. Lind stated, “Beard King offers grooming and care packages that assist in transforming the everyday man into a stylish and sophisticated gentleman. After Beard King was showcased on NBC’s The Shark Tank, the firm sold it to Mr. Patel. The firm continued to work hand in hand with Mr. Patel while he grew the company after the initial closing, which then culminated in another transaction with this year.”
Beard King is primarily an brand – and operating as an Amazon FBA business has made the company easy to manage, expand and scale. Launched in 2018 by co-founders and co-CEOs Carlos Cashman and Joshua Silberstein, is one of the largest eCommerce Aggregators in the U.S. Headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts. has acquired more than 200 companies and brands, confidently posting over $1 billion in annual revenue. It is expected that Beard King will continue to operate primarily as an Amazon FBA Business, with the opportunity to continue to scale product lines, add new marketplaces, and develop a more direct-to-client approach to acquiring customers.
According to Mr. Lind, Beard King’s signature item is the beard bib grooming cape. This headgear transforms you into something like a platypus and collects all beard trimmings. Once collected, the trimming can be easily thrown in the trash without worrying about your spouse or girlfriend reprimanding you for “hair in the sink.” 
On “Shark Tank,” Nicholas and Alessia Galekovic presented the Beard Bib, which features a holder that holds hair clips securely in place using two suction cups.
It’s not a surprise that the Website Closers company has helped yet another client to purchase, grow and sell a successful business. Nate Lind and his team have consistently earned a well-deserved reputation for treating every client’s business as if it were their own. As Website Closers’ Senior Broker, Nate and his team will do everything they can to make clients as much money as possible while minimizing transfer costs and expenses. 
“About two weeks after Beard King first went live, we had an offer, and we had over 80 buyers express interest in the first three days from when we listed. What’s so staggering right now is we’re having 500 to 800 new buyers a week looking for listings. So, we’ve got this flood of new buyers looking at promising businesses through Website Closers,” Lind said.
As Mr. Patel, Beard King’s former owner noted, his experience working with was such a breeze. “I felt like it was a pretty high listing price, but I thought ‘let’s see what happens’. And I am glad I trusted them and it all worked out. Sometimes, you undervalue what you have. It worked out well too because it was a quick close. And I think I ended up getting even more money than I was initially going to get because I had a strong month going into the close, almost three times what I did last year, and I was like, wow, this just brought the multiple up,” Patel said.
If you are interested to sell your business and you are wondering “What was the selling process like?”, you are welcome to watch the linked video on our YouTube channel.
What are you waiting for? If you have a business that you want to sell, or you are interested to purchase a business that requires little hands-on management, check today.
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