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#1 Seller of Trampolines on Amazon | Scaling eCommerce Brand | 8,000 Average Units Sold Per Month | All Proprietary Products | Thousands of Product Reviews

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce brand that is jumping past their competition through their line of proprietary, specialized Recreational Home Trampolines that are great for providing safer outdoor fun.

They have seen significant popularity on the Amazon platform, which now makes up for 85% of their profits, and has accumulated over 2,500 positive reviews from delighted customers. Their products, which come with enhanced safety designs such as protective safety nets, have earned an Average Order Value of $330, and after their year-over-year growth exceeded their expectations, they promptly set to work launching multiple new products in 2023 to make the most of their success.

One of the company’s strengths has been their clever utilization of social media to both find and engage with their customers, with their YouTube video marketing, which showcases the fun and excitement their products offer, having attracted over 268,000 views at the time of writing.

This digital marketing campaign hasn’t just gotten customers curious about their products, however: it has gotten many genuinely interested, as evidenced by the average rate of 200 products that they ship out every day.

They have successfully marketed themselves as a fun-for-everyone company, with their trampolines being presented as a great way to bring the entire family together to go and enjoy themselves. This positive messaging has done wonders for their reputation, and many of their customers have mentioned in reviews that they were pointed to the brand by family and friends who had already made a purchase of their own.

Additionally, the products are great for parents looking to motivate their children- and themselves- to get some exercise in their day. Trampolines require a level of physical activity that can help customers maintain their health, and in an age where many children spend much of their time playing video games or scrolling the web, many parents have been delighted to find a way to get their kids going outdoors to be active.

Their Proprietary Products

The company has rapidly built up brand recognition within their niche through their implementation of high-quality SKUs, enhanced safety measures for their SKUs, and aesthetically pleasing designs. In the years since their launch, they have grown their product roster to 19 SKUs featuring different sizes, color variations, and pole configurations to meet customer demand. The brand has continued to dedicate time and resources into developing new products as they’ve grown, and is currently focused on creating smaller indoor trampolines and designed specifically for fitness.

They source their products from two key suppliers, and are in the process of launching automated production lines to facilitate future growth. Their products are manufactured specifically to their unique technical and design details and sold under their brand names, with several of these SKUs having grown to become top sellers. To properly meet demand, the company maintains up to two million in inventory at their 3PL so they can provide same-day shipping through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Though the company enjoys steady sales throughout the year, their peak season is during the spring and summer months of March to August, and then again on Black Friday and Christmas.

Amazon has proven to be the company’s best storefront thus far- however, they also sell from their own Shopify website, as well. Their products perform best among parents between the ages of 25 to 46, with young mothers often citing their improved safety controls as one of the main reasons why they bought from the brand.

Other buyers have also mentioned the appeal of the trampolines as a way to bring the family together. The company enjoys strong daily sales and monthly profits, bolstered by a brand awareness that continues to grow alongside their business.

How They Market Products

A large reason why Amazon has been as successful for the brand as it has been is the platform’s fantastic internal marketing system, which includes PPC ads to attract new customers. The company supplements this by running ads on Google, and have expanded their marketing to include influencer campaigns on Amazon and their Instagram accounts. They have also been expanding to include local celebrities as influencers, with a focus on recruiting young, fit moms with children aged 5 to 15 to promote how well their products promote physical fitness.

They generate organic traffic through their various social media accounts, a website that incorporates SEO practices, and email marketing to the 4,000+ subscribers in their email database. Given that they now generate over 20,000 unique monthly visits to their website, there’s strong evidence that these efforts are paying off.

The current owner works as little as 10 hours per week on the brand, with this time largely being spent on growth opportunities. The company’s daily operations are handled by their capable team of full-time employees, which includes an Operations Manager, Branding Manager, Customer Service Manager, and PPC Manager.

Their excellent branding and unique line of proprietary products has given them a great edge in their niche, and they are diligently working to continue meeting the expectations and demands of their customers as they grow. This acquisition is a great opportunity to get involved in a steadily growing market, and to purchase a brand that puts the fun in functional.

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Asking Price
$ 20,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,233,754
Gross Income
$ 25,082,891
Year Established

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