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SBA Eligible 10 Year eCommerce Company in the Beauty & Skincare Segments – Perfume, Cologne, Body Lotions & More – Strong Sales Channel Mix


Website Closers® presents a 10-year-old eCommerce business that has made an undeniable name for itself in the Beauty & Personal Care market. Selling over 1,000 SKUs across Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, they have become a trusted brand among customers for their high-quality, brand-name gift sets, body lotions, and fragrances. Their Average Order Value stands at a healthy $50, and thanks to their excellent strategizing and business structure, they have successfully grown their sales by a strong 82% between 2020 and 2021 alone.

The Global Beauty & Personal Care market is one that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, having been worth $422.72 billion in 2020, and with projections to grow at a strong CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period. This is in large part due to the market’s sheer versatility, as many consumers, regardless of their demographic, can find some use in the products that it offers. Women, young and old alike, might use makeup and perfume to improve their self-confidence. Men might purchase themselves a nice cologne or deodorant, in order to better maintain their hygiene and wear a scent that suits them.

The company has solidly established themselves within this high-demand industry, giving them fantastic scale opportunities to look forward to in the future. They have steadily added to their inventory through the years in order to keep up with demand. They ship out between 100 to 150 orders per day from their 2,000 square foot warehouse. One of the many benefits that this deal provides is access to the company’s $1.5 million worth of inventory, which will allow the buyer to easily keep operations going upon transition. Their Amazon channel also helps manage shipments, as Fulfilled by Amazon is responsible for handling 20% of the company’s orders.

They also happen to be one of the few sellers with coveted access to Amazon’s Hazardous Storage Space, which gives them an incredibly useful advantage over competitors in their niche. Remarkably for their size, the brand has no marketing plan to speak of, with all their growth having been through their incredible reputation and word-of-mouth. As the company has managed to grow to such a massive scale without it, exploring this channel is likely to send them skyrocketing. For instance, they could establish an SEO plan, which would improve their search rankings by adding relevant keywords to their product titles and descriptions. They could also invest in paid marketing through PPC ads on Google and Amazon, which would broadcast their brand and products to a much wider audience than ever before.

They have already begun to explore international expansion, which, if further pursued, would drastically add to their revenue. They have used Amazon’s global platforms to sell in Brazil, Canada, and Mexico, which are all highly promising regions for the company to find a foothold within. International expansion allows the company to reach far more consumers than they would normally, providing them with steady streams of profit from all throughout the world.

Of course, global expansion is hardly the only way that the company could grow their influence. They could also begin selling on other eCommerce platforms, or start up their own storefront on websites like Shopify. By creating their own independent website, they would be able to market themselves as their own brand, strengthening their image and providing them with a new sales channel to benefit from. If the company creates a marketing plan, they would also be able to use this to build a consumer base for this channel. From there, they could create a makeup related blog and newsletter, as well as SEO, to draw in organic traffic and fuel their growth.

There are many other methods that a buyer could use to scale. They could continue to add to their inventory as time goes on, as at the moment, the company often runs out of their best-selling products sooner rather than later. If they purchase more of their good inventory in advance, they would be able to better meet customer demand, and improve their rate of customer satisfaction as a result. The company could also diversify their product line into new categories like skincare, appealing to new consumers in their niche, and offering more options to their existing customer base.

This deal provides a valuable opportunity to purchase a reputable, well-established name based within a profitable niche. A savvy buyer could send the brand soaring by adding to the company’s products and stock, creating a polished advertising campaign, and continuing to expand the brand through various channels.

This eCommerce Business is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 2,954,000
Cash Flow
$ 656,450
Gross Income
$ 6,910,628
Year Established