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10 Year Established Digital and In-Person Music Lesson Provider – 90% Recurring Customer Rate


The target is a 10-year established digital and in person music lesson provider. With a robust model, this company leverages an unparalleled web platform that has made them stand out across their development, and even more throughout the current pandemic. This insightful business delivers a 99% retention rate as they teach people of all ages the practiced skills of music creation and instrument mastery. Providing high quality, individual music lessons, this elite offering is a solid foundation for music lessons anywhere, at any time. A core component of this company’s amazing track record of success, this platform and service allows any interested client to learn from their homes, in person at a studio, and anywhere with an internet connection. Carrying an incredibly effective recurring revenue model along with boundless scaling opportunities, this offering is sure to be an invaluable investment for any effective new owner.

Along with its strong brand building and word of mouth growth, the ongoing pandemic has been an impactful key to this company’s rapid and sustainable scaling. As this opportunity had already been offering online music lessons at the beginning of the quarantine, this remote teaching studio has skyrocketed both in industry standing, and in overall popularity. Due to this company’s consistent 99% retention rate much of this new success is projected to stay as time goes on. An incredible way to liven up anyone’s day, music lessons either online or off are sure to add excitement to these stressful times and the return to normal that’s on its way. Additionally, this music studio’s digital platform remains a go-to strategy for continuing education in music that is required across multiple professions.

Providing lessons across piano, voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, drum, violin, and cello, this company offers musical instruction in home and online. With an efficient, simple, and minimal cost model, this acquisition brings with it unimaginable earning potential. On average, this company’s target market includes high income clientele who put a premium on effective private music education for their family. This is an easy to run company with an impressive bottom line and an even more promising potential to scale through franchising, extended market reach, and improved advertising tactics.

As this company is fully remote, it is a perfect match for any interested buyer, anywhere. Carrying the ability to employ people in any area, from anywhere to teach music lessons both online and off, this music lesson provider has no need for extensive overhead costs such as a storefront or supplies. It is this highly strategic model that is also the key to its immense scaling potential. With little additional cost to support this business, it is easily expanded to serve more areas and instruments. With so much potential at so little sunk cost, this is truly a unique opportunity for any capable buyer.

Currently, this company targets only a relatively small area, however, they still carry a new customer rate of 8-15 clients per month which is sure to skyrocket with additional marketing and scaling. Showing proven growth and limitless potential, this company carries a high recurring customer rate and little to no boundaries to scale. From enhanced marketing tactics, improved SEO, and the development of eLearning partnerships all the way to franchising and expanding into instrument rental, there are unmatched opportunities to scale this business and boost their already impressive returns. In fact, the current ownership has already begun building the framework for a solid franchising launch that will be invaluable to the lucky new owner.

Delivering strong word of mouth growth, jaw-dropping recurring customer rates, and a framework that’s perfectly designed to scale effectively for lasting success. This company’s endless opportunities for expansion along with their consistently growing client list are what makes it such a profitable and promising investment for any incoming buyer. Their mostly independent business model lends itself effectively to an entrepreneur who wants to stay involved in other endeavors while running a solid and growing business. Whether looking to maintain this company or extend it to its full potential, this is an invaluable opportunity that any entrepreneur is sure to bring to a whole new level.

This Online Music Business Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2132

Asking Price
$ 289,000
Cash Flow
$ 88,366
Gross Income
$ 204,646
Year Established