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10 Year Outdoor Living Products & Indoor Fireplace Accessories Brand – Amazon 3rd Party Retailer – 59% YOY Profit Growth


Website Closers® presents a red-hot offering in the Lifestyle and Outdoor Living Vertical, as well as products that enhance the warmth and ambiance of the Indoor Fireplace driving year-round cash flow and an incredible 59% YOY net profit growth. With more than a decade of consistent growth and phenomenal profit, this SBA Pre-Qualified Business carries a 95% positive Amazon Ranking. Operating entirely on the Platform, logistics are handled 50/50 through FBA and FBM, which helps to maximize profit on every product sold.

Developing diverse revenue streams, this company generates revenue through a hybrid private label and retail brand that allows them to provide a multitude of high demand SKUs within their ever-growing industry category. Burning brightly, this strategic opportunity has tremendous room to scale through supply chain enhancements, advertising improvements, product line extensions, service offering development and more.  From their high industry standing and fully optimized business framework to their unrivaled ability to scale in any direction, this proven and promising company has the foundation needed to continue to drive tremendous growth over the coming decades.

The books and records of this business have been reviewed by our lending partners and they have assured us that a Qualified Buyer with an adequate down payment can qualify the business for SBA financing, amortized over an entire decade. For eCommerce Companies, this allows an ROI very quickly compared to traditional companies.

Currently operating out of Amazon alone, this brand could be further developed through the creation of Amazon international storefronts as well as partnership building with other sales hubs, like Developing wholesale options is another highly promising path to expanded revenue, brand awareness, and consumer reach.

Regularly selling out of inventory, this business’ profitability could be dramatically increased through inventory expansion and deployment of capital into larger inventory holds. Combining this ordering in larger quantities, profit margins on each sale could be raised to make this an even more profitable business. As all inventory is handled via 3PL and Amazon FBA, this storage and shipping volume increase could be accomplished rapidly and easily for unrivaled sales rates.

Leveraging only Amazon sponsored advertising, its marketing practices can be enhanced through the addition of social media for branding, industry partnerships with outdoor designers, restaurant/hotel chains, and resorts, PPC advertising, and listing SEO.  Promoting the brand and its products through visual platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest could prove impactful for brand awareness and consumer loyalty. Additionally, practicing listing SEO and even creating a website to gain keyword rankings for searchability may be similarly advantageous.

Devoting up to 50 hours each week, current ownership is responsible for purchase management, Amazon sales tracking, FBA stock monitoring and restocking, and all accounting needs. The addition of an inventory and order manager could dramatically minimize the work needed to run this company. There is one US-based, long-term virtual assistant, or VA, on staff who is in charge of customer service and merchant fulfilled orders.

Operating in a reliable and exceedingly lucrative market, this eCommerce seller of affordable, high quality, Outdoor Living & Hearth products carries a reputation for unparalleled quality along with a track record of proven success with boundless room for growth. Providing patio heaters, above ground fire pits, in home fireplaces, tabletop heaters, fire glass, and accompanying covers, this unparalleled offering carries proven success and boundless room for growth. This business is easily run by an entrepreneur of any level to drive incredible results. Effectively positioned to scale in any direction, this acquisition could be swiftly expanded or simply maintained for impressive revenues and lasting profitability.

This Amazon Business Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2258

Asking Price
$ 7,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,465,559
Gross Income
$ 4,905,532
Year Established