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The target is a highly unique, 10 Year Established, Private Label Electronics Company that offers a wide variety of WIRELESS, BLUETOOTH controls in the electronics space. From music aficionados, to industries of various types, wireless controls are playing a growing role when interacting with computers and portable technology – this company has recognized that trend and built an eCommerce and B2B powerhouse with its own blended array of branded Bluetooth electronics.

The business is a great financial performer that will look excellent in front of an SBA Lender, so ask us how qualified buyers can potentially buy this company for AS LITTLE AS 5% DOWN! Think of it – around $75,000 down for a company cash flowing over $480,000 – ROI is quick and efficient.

While the music and pro audio space is this company’s core competency, the company also offers solutions that are customized for other industries, from Assisted Technology to the Medical and Industrial verticals.

This company has been manufacturing wireless products since 2007. With multiple product lines, the business can meet the needs of a wide variety of discriminating users. Over 90% of the product line is made up of products that are Made in America. While some components come from other parts of the world, all plastics and circuit boards are made in the U.S. Finish goods are completed and tested in its facility. All plastics used are of superior quality, making their products virtually indestructible. All components meet RoHS standards and the company’s commitment to quality is paramount. The company’s customer support team supports hundreds of thousands of customers in 40 different countries.

This segment typically sees steep barriers to entry and competitors are hard-pressed to vie for a buyer’s attention in this highly-coveted demographic – the company has successfully overcome this, and adapted to suit every trend of modernization whether it be ergonomics or the shift from paper to tablet, ensuring ownership of the market for many years to come. For any new owner, this scaling performer is a potent opportunity that is set to continue to scale – this brand is primed to diversify into cross-sells and related CE segments such as reading and wireless controls in physical assistance markets, book reading, teleprompters, and so many more – with 35% of this demographic comprised of B2C customers alone, the sky is the limit as a bolt-on or standalone acquisition alike.

The business is one that is relatively easy to transition since all manufacturing and product engineering is outsourced, and the company has the infrastructure and key people in place to ensure a new owner is in a great position in day one.

This Technology Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 1,450,000
Cash Flow
$ 480,709
Gross Income
$ 2,197,198
Year Established

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