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100% Dropship Niche Jewelry, Apparel & Accessories eCommerce Brand - Strong Recurring Customer Rate

Spiritual Jewelry

Website Closers® presents a swiftly growing retailer that offers spirituality inspired jewelry and accessories. Operating on a strong drop ship model, this provider of almost 700 niche SKUs including apparel, backpacks, jewelry, footwear, and hard-to-find home goods drives incredible audience engagement and a whopping 11.92% recurring customer rate.

Their unique spiritual angle has led to a powerful social media following on both Facebook and Instagram. Generating regular traffic on their high delivering website, this spanning appeal could be further scaled with the introduction of an SEO strategy along with paid advertising across their pages and Google. Currently earning a whopping 16x ROAS, this company’s dynamic media mix could be improved with additional spending for PPC ads and brand building.

Further increasing their brand visibility, this company could also engage in thought leadership practices through guest posting, blogging and sponsored articles on platforms such as Outbrain or Taboola. Another promising path could include influencer marketing and sales channel diversification to drive lasting growth.

Selling their beautiful and meaningful pieces on popular eCommerce hubs such as Amazon, Target, and eBay could be another lucrative path to growth. At the moment, 20% of their overall sales come from international buyers, and with their impactful dropship model global expansion could be an incredibly effective opportunity for scaling. Offering products through Amazon and its many international storefronts should open these doors swiftly and effectively.

The development of new designs and an in-house brand may also lead to tremendous growth and wider appeal. Combining improved marketing, extended SKUs, sales channel diversification and improved SEO, an incoming buyer could see lasting and ever-growing success.

As their most popular industry sector, expanding their Jewelry offerings could be an immensely profitable opportunity. A booming and evergreen market, the jewelry industry is valued at a staggering $278.5 billion and is expected to experience enviable growth through 2025. This fact, in addition to the global trend towards eCommerce shopping spells incomparable promise for any incoming buyer. In fact, it is predicted that 95% of all jewelry sales will be completed online by 2040.

Operating for more than 2 years in this highly targeted space, this brand has made a name for themselves in spiritual and special gifts, jewelry, and more. Already carrying 695+ high-performing SKUs, this company has earned an encouraging $31.81 Average Order Value, for their with more than 15,000 completed sales.

A mostly hands-off business, this company demands up to 15 hours per week from the current ownership. These owners are responsible for staff coordination, addressing customer concerns, facilitating order fulfillment, supervising the ad spend and overseeing payroll. These tasks could be easily handed over to a VA supervisor with eCommerce experience to minimize owner involvement.

Operating with 7 employees in place, 2 full-time and 5 part-time, the team consists of a support manager, a virtual assistant, a Facebook manager, a fulfillment manager, a newsletter writer, a quality control specialist, a social media content creator and a customer service specialist that are each fully trained and keep the company running smoothly.

Engaging effectively with their audience has proven to be an amazingly powerful strategy for success. They currently have 27,388 newsletter subscribers, 9,178 Facebook followers, and 2,841 Instagram followers driving recurring revenues and sustainable growth. Additionally, their brand website draws an average of 69,304+ visitors internationally directly leading to enviable returns.

An amazingly promising offering, this business is well poised for explosive growth and ready for a capable incoming owner to direct strong scaling efforts. An opportunity with minimal overhead and a streamlined drop shipping model, this business carries extraordinarily little risk while holding the potential for limitless returns.

This acquisition is a strategic investment for anyone looking to break into the spiritual jewelry, apparel, and accessories space!

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Listing ID: WC2336

Asking Price
$ 229,000
Cash Flow
$ 110,027
Gross Income
$ 890,126
Year Established

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