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100% SBA Pre-Qualified DTC Inkless Pocket Printer eCommerce Brand – $75 AOV – 23% Repeat Customer Rate – Exclusive Supply Agreements – Unique, Modern Website – 129,000 Email Subscribers

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Website Closers® presents a Direct to Consumer Inkless Pocket Printer Brand, whose products have become immensely popular for being portable, can fit in a pocket, and are fully versatile for customers who want to instantly print photos, images, and notes from any smartphone without needing to have printer ink handy. The company’s Mobile App instantly connects the printer to any smartphone, making the whole process super easy and user-friendly for consumers.

The website is laid out very well from a UI/UX perspective, and has a design element to it, making it very unique and fun to scroll on. The products are based on <inkless printing=, which generally works by embedding into paper, advanced heat-reactive crystals/molecules that produce colors through heat (thermal) stimulation. The paper contains multiple layers including a base layer, imaging layers (cyan, magenta, and yellow), and a protective polymer layer that protects prints from moisture, UV exposure, and fading once they are printed. Thermal Printers operate as transfer engines that stimulate the crystals with targeted heat pulses for a specific duration and temperature that then brings the colors to life. By applying heat at different temperatures and intervals, different colors are activated. The color molecules are fine-tuned to achieve an extensive palette that is both vivid and accurate, making this kind of printing on the go possible in a tiny, easy- to-carry printer.

Inkless printers have phenomenal, widespread appeal in this smartphone-loving age, which is obvious from this company’s accomplishments. With a $75 Average Order Value, this eCommerce business is enjoying 15% net profit margins, driven in part by their continued appeal to a loyal customer base 3 the company has now a 23% Repeat Customer Rate which is steadily increasing.

This brand is not burdened by working capital constraints 3 it does not need to invest in purchasing inventory upfront, storing it in a warehouse or 3PL space … the company’s supplier ships all products on behalf of this business as the orders come in. This <drop shipping= method, while used today, could be integrated with storing some high-moving inventory in order to increase margins. And as the company grows into marketplaces, like, it will need to store some level of inventory in order to meet with success for fast shipment options.

It’s simple to run, turnkey operation, with a minimal workload of no more than 10 hours per week by the current ownership. With their products in high demand and very little impact by seasonal factors, the company is ideally positioned to scale rapidly, including by expanding their presence on Amazon and introducing additional SKUs.

A significant factor in this company’s success has been the massive customer base for their products, including anyone with a smartphone. Globally, the smartphone industry has been growing since 2008, with smartphone shipments rising to 1.43 billion units in 2022.

Today it’s estimated that more than 80% of the world’s population are smartphone users, which adds up to an estimated 6.23 billion smartphone subscriptions. Those numbers are projected to climb to 7.7 billion by 2027.

Advanced technology is also making cameras one of the most popular tools on your smartphone. In the past decade, the quality of smartphone cameras has improved so rapidly that users can take stunning high- quality digital photos without having a professional camera. While users love posting their photos and selfies to their social media platforms or texting or emailing them to friends, the portable printer has become widely accepted as a means of getting hard copies of the best and most memorable photos.

As a result, the global portable printer market soared to $11.75 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $18.13 billion by 2027, a 7.20% growth rate. These mobile printers are popular for being compact and lightweight, easy to use not only by the average smartphone user but also by business travelers who want to share documents with clients. It isn’t just individuals using them, either. Industries including retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics have come to rely on them as well.

With such broad appeal for their products, let’s review this company’s history and how they captured their fast-growing customer base.

Launched in 2020, the company began selling its inkless pocket printers and paper roll refills and had no trouble cultivating a strong and increasingly loyal customer base. Their initial success enabled the company to expand their SKUs and add stationery products such as Washi tapes and notebooks. They have grown to 60 SKUs, and the top 20 represent 89% of their sales.

The company has its products sourced from a manufacturer that works exclusively with them, and their supplier handles shipping for them. As they have grown, they added custom user manuals and custom packaging, and now provides 30 types of different paper rolls.

Their sales are international. Their largest percentage of sales, 47%, is made in the US, followed by the UK (19%), Australia (18%) and the rest of Europe (16%).While the company targets the general public, they have increased sales by putting a focus on Do It Yourself enthusiasts and crafters, who are providing them with highly enthusiastic feedback from customers who love their brand and design.

Their typical customer is a woman between the age of 18 and 35 with an interest in both crafting and DIY activities, and most of their customers have come back to make additional purchases.

Seasonality has not been a factor for them, and the company saw its profits shoot up by 40% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The company has also expanded its sales channels and now sells on Amazon as well as their website. Today 92% of sales are made on their website, while their Amazon sales have grown to nearly 8% of their total revenue.

Both paid and organic traffic have been instrumental in driving sales. The company has used PPC ad campaigns on Google and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, while they also boost customer engagement on their social media platforms through giveaways and affiliate and influencer marketing. This is working as intended since the company is now enjoying 100,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website.

They also maintain 129,000+ email subscribers, 83,000+ Facebook Messenger subscribers, and 49,000+ SMS text subscribers, giving them a large customer base to increase their future Repeat Customer Rate.

The current owner needs just one hour each day to run this business and uses freelancers on a part-time basis as customer support agents, graphic designers, a social media manager and an operations agent. This business is as straightforward as it gets, providing a buyer with a loyal customer base, popular products, and great scale opportunities.

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Asking Price
$ 570,000
Cash Flow
$ 189,589
Gross Income
$ 1,770,533
Year Established

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