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11 Year eCommerce Brand in the Health, Beauty and Personal Care Verticals – Focused on Supplements, OTC Medicines and Beauty Products


Website Closers® presents a strategically positioned over-the-counter Nutritional Supplements, Medicines, and Beauty Products Company. This business’ many brands have stood as a pillar of the nutritional supplements industry for more than a decade and has blossomed into a phenomenally successful eCommerce business that brought in gross revenue that exceeded $14 million last year with earning in excess of $1.6M … but even more exciting is the fact that they’ve already exceeded $800k+ in earnings for the first 4 months of the year. A phenomenal story behind this Health & Personal Care Products Company.

Offering more than 1,000 SKUs at market, this brand focuses on health care products that appeal to consumers across gender and age lines. In fact, this business has seen its sales rise each year and is on target to achieve their most profitable year yet in 2021 … this after over a decade of experience selling online.

Centering their efforts on Amazon, this brand has recently expanded to sell through and as well. While sales are growing on those two eCommerce platforms as well, today the bulk of their products sold through the Amazon sales channel … all through Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) logistics. The company routinely ships 70-80 packages per day.

The brand’s long-standing history of success and profitability sets them up for immense scale opportunities and powerful brand standing. Right now, all sales are done in the U.S., meaning that the brand could expand through the Amazon International Platforms in Canada and the European Union as well as other country hubs. The company has relied mostly on Amazon PPC ads and could boost traffic organically by launching an SEO program and social media initiatives that help ensure customer loyalty. The business could also continue to enlarge its customer base by adding new SKUs to the product line and by using Amazon’s impressive subscribe and save functions.

The company was started 11 years ago to market products that relate to health, beauty, and fitness. They have included probiotics, allergy relief nasal sprays, multivitamins, testosterone boosters, skincare, haircare, and workout powders.  Over the years, the number of SKUs has risen dramatically and now total well over 1,000. That kind of product diversification has paid off handsomely.

With strong expansion opportunities internationally and through SKU expansion, adjacent category offerings could also drive incredible growth. And with haircare and skincare already in their lucrative portfolio, branching into the cosmetics and hair accessories markets could prove incredibly profitable as well.

The company could also benefit by adopting popular digital marketing techniques that have been proven to boost traffic and attract new visitors through a full website revamp. This could include dynamic responsive categories for direct sales and easy mobile browsing as well as the use of SEO and a blog.

Social media posts on popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and the use of video marketing on sites such as Instagram and YouTube may also increase their brand awareness and sales dramatically. These methods have helped other business scale rapidly and could be a game changer for a company that now has more than a thousand SKUs and gross revenue surpassing $10 million without any significant brand building or outreach in place.

The current owners work between 15 and 35 hours per week running this business. They are responsible for handling inventory purchasing, ensuring operations run smoothly, customer service, and bookkeeping. These tasks could easily be passed along to a capable VA to minimize demands on the incoming buyer.

They employ 7 full time workers, including a director of operations, warehouse manager, virtual assistant based in the Philippines, warehouse assistant, and three pack and ship workers. This business also works with two part-time pack and ship employees.

The current owners would be available to help guide a new owner through the transition, providing hands-on training and frequent Zoom sessions to answer any questions or help solve any issues that may arise.

This company truly demonstrates just how profitable an eCommerce business can become when they find and market daily use products that are in high demand and have a naturally massive customer base.

Products related to health, fitness, physical wellbeing, and nutritional care sell by the billions globally, and there is a substantial customer base for simple over-the-counter products that they can purchase as needed for everything from medicated skincare to congestion solutions and natural supplements. That simple fact has helped this brand expand rapidly as it continues to extend its SKUs that keep people coming back.

This is a company that has done tremendously well for more than 11 years. While times have changes, and how people buy has significantly changed direction, this business has maintained incredible profitability to continuously earn increasing profits. All that being said, this industry staple still has room to grow. The new owner could easily stay the course and reap incomparable benefits or expand swiftly with the addition of international storefronts, diversified product liner, or through the use of advanced digital marketing.

Offering top, brand name products that are well known across the globe, this brand has earned high customer rankings on Amazon and even begun selling on popular eCommerce hubs such as and eBay. Their lasting success demonstrates their powerful framework, strategically designed framework, and understanding of both eCommerce as well as how to build and retain a customer base.

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