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11 Year eCommerce Jewelry Brand in the Hair Accessories Vertical – Amazon, Website, Walmart & eBay Sales Channels – 4000 DTC Visitors Per Month& Giftables Brand – Nice Mix of Sales Channels - 40% Growth over LTM

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Website Closers® presents a successful eCommerce business operating within the Hair Accessories Vertical. This brand has a laser-focused niche in its market, excellent margins, and strong roots to grow beautifully into the future. Exceeding customer expectations by providing easy online ordering on top-quality, name-brand products to weave, style, and braid their tresses has made this retailer the go-to place for on-the-go fashionistas. Now with 650 active products across 24 categories, diverse options allow access to a variety of demographics. Offering products across an array of sales channels, such as Amazon, Walmart, and more, has given this brand the edge to reach a wide base with limited advertising efforts.

526 active products on Amazon alone mean excellent reach, as do their 620 offerings on Walmart’s website. Driving sales through exposure and competitive price points, their Average Order Value of $24.46 is high for the industry and bolstered by high Sales Volume. Consistently adding to SKUs keeps stock diverse, resulting in a gleaming track record of growth since the company’s founding in 2010. Sales have expanded to multiple countries around the globe, and a 17% increase in revenue over the pre-Covid years speaks volumes to their explosive scale.

Focusing exclusively on hair accessories – and only hair accessories – is a unique approach, bringing with it the benefit of few, if any, competitors who are as singularly focused on this niche field. Having such an incomparable selection has brought this operation a loyal customer base and shining reviews on all sales channels.

Meticulous market research and ingenious approaches have kept margins high and crimped the competition’s style at every turn: Different sales platforms are used to promote different types of products. They offer headbands, claw clips and scrunchies on their website, leather hair sticks, shower caps and more on Amazon, as well as rollers and scrunchies on Walmart. A decade of experience in the field lend this brand the cutting edge it needs to corner off and target their platforms for optimized sales.

The company was launched in 2010 as an online hair accessory retailer. They had some simple goals from the start: Provide customers with a seamless purchasing experience, offer the best possible value for what they were buying, and meet the personal beauty and grooming needs of as many consumers as possible. They’re extremely popular amongst customers ranging from students to athletes, stylists, and more, evidenced by their 5-Star reviews on Amazon and 99% Positive Lifetime Seller Rating. The company stocks all items, usually maintaining at least $30-35,000 worth of products. New inventory is ordered on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how well the individual items are selling.

A major tool for the company has been running ads on Google Shopping to direct traffic to their listings. Competitive pricing, with most products coming in around $10.53 on their Amazon site and $24.40 on their eCommerce site, give them an edge over others in the market. Great prices, ad placement, and impeccable customer loyalty bring this brand a gleaming 4,000 visitors a month.

Fueled by increasing demand for fashionable and modern products that create a stylish look, there is no shortage of new SKUs available for retailers to offer customers in this booming field. This is a healthy and evergreen industry— The global hair accessories market is now valued at $20 billion and is projected to grow by 15.2% through 2025. Plentiful options are available to grow this company to even more beautiful lengths, including increased advertising and proprietary lines. Wildly popular with Gen Z consumers, YouTube and TikTok offer fantastic video marketing opportunities to widen their reach. Creating DIY hair videos with products links, as well as reaching out to influencers who already make this type of content are both excellent options to grow their sales channels.

Currently already seeing a high volume of visitor traffic, a website re-design could bring fresh life and appeal to this thriving brand. Including a hair styling blog, wear suggestions, and a sleeker navigation panel could take their Big Commerce sales to the next level. Already impressive in volume, incorporating an aggressive SEO strategy would drive even further customer traffic. While their current PPC ad spend is fairly conservative, a small boost could increase traffic and visitor conversions by as much as 50%.

This is a full-time business, and the current owner now spends approximately 37 hours per week operating it, focusing on tasks such as selecting orders, getting packages ready for shipping, purchasing inventory, and adding products to the marketplaces as needed. The company does not have any employees at this time, but could scale immensely by hiring a shop manager, utilizing a drop ship service, and even commissioning freelancers to assist in social media advertising. Knowing what the customer is looking for and delivering just the right product is a key to any successful operation, and this is a major strength for the company. With recurring revenues as well as popular and trending products, this business has the right roots to be a perfect fit for someone combing for the ideal investment.  

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Asking Price
$ 260,000
Cash Flow
$ 96,000
Gross Income
$ 274,000
Year Established

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