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SBA Pre-Qualified 11 Year SaaS Platform offering SMS & MMS Marketing Services to B2B Clients – 95% Retention Rate – Low Churn – 125 Current Clients


Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Qualified SaaS Business model with a growing clientele of well-known businesses who rely on them to provide cutting edge solutions via Mobile Text Messaging. Their comprehensive B2B text messaging service is in high demand with brands striving to make an impact: SMS marketing has been shown to drive an average of 20.5% of total online revenue for modern brands. This business offers a SaaS Product which allows businesses, brands, and organizations of every size to send SMS and MMS containing sale alerts, notifications, web links, coupon codes, informational updates, and promotions.

For the past 11 years, this software provider has been driving exceptional service by asking its prospective customers one thing: What can this company do for them? The result has been a cash cow business with very sticky clients (they currently have a 95% customer retention rate – almost no churn). In other words, their clients get the message.

Note: Many of their clients are in the Restaurant & Retail industry, so there was a dip in sales in 2020 as some of those businesses went out of business due to COVID. However, the company is now stabilized and growing and on a good trajectory to do extremely well going forward. They have added 5 new customers recently and under new management, there is no reason to expect anything but future success as the model continues to take shape with B2B clients.

Text messaging has become a leading customer outreach strategy, and for some simple reasons. It offers companies mass adoption, since everyone with a cell phone is texting today, including on WhatsApp, SnapChat and other sites. Studies indicate that 81% of cell phone owners text, and many customers prefer texting over other forms of communication due to its ease and convenience. For businesses, text conversations are a proven method of initiating contact – and a sale. Since marketing relies on determining the most effective ways to get your message out on limited resources, chances are high that almost every potential and existing customer owns a cellphone and can be reached by text. A text message can also feel like a more personal, even intimate way to send a message directly to someone, which is why it can be so effective. It’s also proven to be a highly effective way to reach millennials and Gen Z consumers, a major bonus for any business marketing to a younger demographic.

Clearly, clients like the sound of those statistics, and this brand has developed an impressive clientele of well-recognized, brand-leading clients, particularly in the food and restaurant industry. Some organizations currently using their services include customer favorites such as Moe’s Southwest Grill, Hardees, and Tropical Smoothie Café, who have noted in their reviews of this company that guest attendance increases by up to 25% on days when a text blast goes out.

With 11 years of experience, this B2B digital company has not only benefitted from those strong reviews and healthy recurring revenues, but also the example of how to establish a thriving subscription-based model that is easy to operate and fully automated, requiring no more than 5 hours per week to operate.

With 96% of Americans owning a cellphone and an estimated 79% of adult smartphone users having their phones with them every waking moment of the day, prospective customers are texting constantly, and checking their own messages just as often. With that kind of engagement, it’s no wonder that brands are eager to meet their customers in the SMS space. Development of the agency’s SaaS product allowed businesses, brands, and organizations of all sizes – from large restaurant chains to churches and non-profits – to send out SMS and MMS that contain sales alerts, notifications, web links, coupon codes, promotions, and more.

Utilizing a recurring subscription-based plan that gives users access to the agency’s dashboard, the company generates additional revenue through multiple pricing plans for additional services. These add-ons range from two-way messaging to video messaging, drip text marketing, and message scheduling, as well as text marketing data collection. Fully comprehensive, these services have appealed to businesses across a wide spectrum of markets, and their subscription-based revenue is growing.

Today their largest source of revenue comes from clothing boutiques, followed by restaurants. They maintain strong client loyalty, with their three largest customer accounts having been with them for between 6 and 9 years. That’s because the agency has developed a reputation as a valuable tool for businesses and organizations across an impressively diverse set of verticals, demonstrated by their staying power in the marketing space.  That strong reputation has enabled the brand to limit their own lead generation tools to organic search, with a minimal amount spent on PPC ads and SEO programs. A blog on their site drives additional organic traffic, but they have not invested in social media marketing as of yet.

Instead, their focus has been on keeping their services at the cutting edge of the industry, with some of their latest improvements including concatenated SMS messages that allow a phone to send messages longer than 160 characters. They’ve also developed and rolled out website tracking codes to allow eCommerce clients to analyze and target the consumers who have not taken a targeted action after receiving the SMS.

With their stellar reputation, the organization has some excellent options for scale, including expanding their selection of upsell products for existing clients. These could include a concierge-type service that charges a premium rate for sending out text blasts for interested clients. Hiring a team of independent sales contractors on a commission basis could assist with outreach to small businesses as new customers.

There are additional growth opportunities through digital marketing. The company has a Facebook account but could add additional social media sites to further drive organic growth and build greater brand recognition as texting kings. A stronger emphasis on keywords for SEO results would be beneficial, as would a regular newsletter to clients providing updates on what’s happening in this industry and in the innovative field of text message marketing.

An affiliate campaign on social media would enable the company to expand sales through the expertise their affiliates bring to their messaging.

With their track record for consistency and reliability since 2010, this is a growing business with enormous potential to become a top industry leader in the field of digital marketing. The company, which operates without employees, is a simple one to manage, and a profitable one. This is a perfect deal for a buyer who recognizes that everyone loves a getting text messages, so the sky is the limit for companies eager to enlarge their own customer base.

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Website Closers

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$ 599,000
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$ 378,233
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