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12 Year eCommerce Brand in the Bed & Bath Linens Vertical | Multiple Best Seller Tags on Amazon | Thousands of Products Reviews in Place | $44 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a 12-year-old eCommerce Brand that has comfortably established a reputation within the market of Bed And Bath Linens. The foundation of the company has been a legacy of quality and consistency built up over the years through their meticulous selection of bed and bath linens that. Seller is highly motivated – will consider a deal with $1mil cash down and is open to finance the rest in the form of seller note and earnout

The brand has over 100 SKUs to their name, with their status as a private label brand ensuring that all their premium products are manufactured specifically for them by their 2-3 suppliers. Their sizable number of SKUs provides a diverse range of customization for their products that customers can enjoy, and includes standout products such as their Turkish towels, which have been recognized as a hallmark of the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Despite the care, thought, and quality that has been put into their products, they strive to make their premium products affordable to the average consumer, as shown by their Average Order Value (AOV) of $44.24.

The brand has been a comfy fit for many customers on Amazon, leading to a 97% Positive Seller Rating, a 4.5-star average across their top sellers based off thousands of reviews, and several products that have been recognized as “Best Sellers” by Amazon over the years. Their core demographic consists of both men and women in their thirties and forties with above average income.

Shipping and Operations

Their extensive use of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) has been an excellent tool for streamlining the business, as it handles customer service and nearly 100% of their fulfillment process. The buyer will find that they will require no warehouse to handle inventory in the brand’s current state and can even handle operations from the comfort of their own home office. Inventory orders are placed every month, with payments being made once the goods arrive.

While the company has no employees outside of the owner, the buyer will find that they can look forward to a remarkably light workload thanks to the various optimizations that the company has undergone through the years. The current owner spends a few hours every week ordering inventory, handling the finances, and interfacing with the PPC agency, which will offer the buyer the time they need to shape the brand as they desire.

The brand has a highly straightforward marketing campaign, with all their advertising efforts stemming from an agency that manages their Amazon PPC.

Scale Opportunities

Potential buyers will likely find that the allure of this brand lies not just in the established market presence, but in the untapped potential that awaits strategic guidance and investment. They have an array of possible scale opportunities available to them, with one of the most straightforward being to simply continue adding to and developing the company’s SKU roster. They could introduce new bed and bath linen products and, by strategically bundling certain products, they could promote upsells and increase their AOV. The addition of products would benefit from a fine-tuning of inventory management for cost-effectiveness and increased stock level as well.

The company’s exclusive use of PPC for their advertising means that there’s ample room for additional marketing tactics. These could include, but aren’t limited to, social media to help them better engage with a wider audience, strategic partnerships with influencers or complementary brands, and optimization and enhancement of their Amazon content. Increased marketing would also be helpful in drawing more attention to their Shopify storefront, which, if cultivated, would diversify the brand’s revenue.

Improved marketing tactics aren’t just useful for Shopify, as, if the buyer is interested in expanding the brand further, stronger advertising tactics would quickly bring attention to these new channels. Some great targets for expansion would be Walmart and the wholesale market, as well as re-entry into Amazon Europe to bolster their sales through access to international customers.


This acquisition is well-established and well-respected for their excellent linens, and the 12 years of their operation have been spent fine-tuning their products, brand, and operations into a great frame that an ambitious buyer can use to their advantage. With a streamlined model that will allow for a smooth transition and a lush number of opportunities ahead of them, this company is set up for success.

This Amazon FBA Business is Represented by:

Website Closers

Amazon FBA Brokers

WC 3276

Asking Price
$ 3,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,580,437
Gross Income
$ 5,338,134
Year Established

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