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12 Year eCommerce Brand in the Pet Products Vertical – Design Patents – Over 3,600 Reviews – $70 AOV – Proprietary Products – Sales Channel Mix


Website Closers® presents a steady, 12-year-old eCommerce Business and Brand that has made a name for itself in Car Seat Covers for Pets. Their vehicle protection products are made with a variety of pet and owner-friendly features in mind, including waterproofing, non-slip silicone backing, chemical-free, and durable. They offer covers for front and rear seats, as well as door covers and cargo liners, ensuring that every part of the customer’s car will be kept clean and protected throughout the journey.

In addition, they offer Pet Health products, consisting of a proprietary ophthalmic solution for pets with dry eyes, cloudy vision, or mild cataracts. The brand is the proud owner of not 1, but 2 design patents, which serve to give their products an element of exclusivity that helps draw their customers in. Their customers have left well over 3,500 reviews since their inception, which, given that the company has a 4.9 Positive Rating overall, make it clear that their feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The brand enjoys an Average Order Value of $70, as well as $500 in subscription revenue every month.

The biggest testament to their success, however, has been the interest from a much larger business. Fiat-Chrysler has signed a deal to partner with the brand to produce exclusive branded back-seat dog hammocks and to  sell the products under the Jeep and Ram Truck brands, which could be a massive opportunity that the buyer can take on post-transition. In fact, doing so would be an excellent move to scale the company overall, as by working with a name brand like Fiat-Chrysler, they would increase their credibility, and drastically increase their revenue within a short amount of time.

The brand has sold from a diverse mix of sales channels, which, in turn, leads to a diverse mix of revenue. Their storefronts can be found across Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, and Chewy, with Amazon making up the bulk of their sales. The company attracts new customers to these platforms through a polished marketing campaign, which was built up by professional outsourced managers for the best quality. This campaign consists of SEO campaigns on Google and Bing, along with PPC ads on Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, and a few other platforms. It’s worth noting, however, that the owner has recently discontinued Amazon PPC, but it can easily be reinstated by the buyer for a quick return of stronger traffic.

There are several other ways that the buyer could efficiently scale the business in their current state. At the moment, they aren’t actively using the Chewy storefront, which, combined with a revitalized marketing campaign, would allow for stronger profits and higher diversity in their revenue. Chewy is actively sending Purchase Orders to the brand that are not being fulfilled. They could also work to improve upon their various social media accounts for a greater flow of organic traffic and to announce the release of new SKUs to interested parties.

The only employee that the company has is the owner themselves, with the rest of their operations being outsourced to ad agencies, design services, 3PL, manufacturers, and other partners. With that in mind, the buyer could eventually make operations more efficient by hiring on staff to handle some of these tasks, or work with long-term contractors and develop a strong network of connections.

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WC 3019

Asking Price
$ 700,000
Cash Flow
$ 285,937
Gross Income
$ 877,000
Year Established