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12 Year Medical Products Brand – Primarily B2B Sales via Branded Website – Medication Lock Boxes & Bags – Not Yet on Amazon


Website Closers® presents a rare opportunity to acquire a unique ecommerce brand that sources and sells a fully Trademarked line of products designed to securely store medications around the home, during travel and at the office. Founded in 2008, the Company sells 21 varieties of Medication Lock Boxes and Lock Bags to be used to securely store prescription medications.  Sales are primarily B2B, targeting local, state, county, and federal facilities, Senior Living/Hospice facilities, pharmacies and medical supply companies such as McKesson and Cardinal Health.

In an era when prescription drug abuse is rampant around the country, having a lock box or bag to protect from children, thieves and others is critical. Because they are constantly seeking to improve, they have partnered with leading factories and engineering firms to help upgrade and improve its products. This company has created a Research & Development arm to build best-in-class locks built exclusively for this firm by an ISO Certified US-based Engineering Firm.

The Company operates on a branded website and has not yet started the process of selling on Amazon, creating a huge growth opportunity for any buyer looking to enter this vertical – on Day 1. The Company currently manages inventory and shipments out of its own warehouse via a warehouse manager, all of which could be outsourced to a 3PL and Amazon FBA.

With limited advertising and no Amazon presence, this is an incredible business ripe for scale by expanding sales channels, driving traffic through new marketing initiatives, expanding the SKU lineup, looking to adjacent verticals and so much more. This is a turnkey operation and the current owners are excited to find the right buyer to transition the business to them the right way. The owners are passionate about this business and how it helps keep potentially deadly drug safe – so who buys this company is just as important as the monetary gain.

The Company is mission focused on developing products to store medications to help reduce the problem of prescription drug abuse.  This offering was started by a trained pain management physician, who became alarmed by the problem of prescription drug abuse when he started practice.  Out of this concern and the growing national problem, he began to develop products to safeguard medications with the assistance of his local Small Business Development Center.

These products have been used throughout the United States by facilities, institutions, and homeowners to store Rx medications. Distribution agreements with Cardinal Health© and McKesson© have been developed, and the products are distributed by over 125 Authorized, Exclusive Dealers within the US as well as through international dealers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

This company has also taken the lead in educational efforts on the need to safeguard medications in the home. The company has built a coalition in the form of partnerships with over 100 Drug Task Forces and Community Coalition groups on a national level to highlight this issue. The Company has subsidized the cost of tens of thousands of branded products so these groups can distribute medication lock boxes into high risk communities.

This Internet Company has been selling since 2008 and has developed a solid reputation for quality products.  Standing for integrity and value has helped propel sales consistently and reliably year after year.

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Asking Price
$ 300,000
Cash Flow
$ 98,403
Gross Income
$ 436,355
Year Established