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Exclusive 12-Year-Old Online Educational Platform – Thriving Community of Creative Users – Attracting up to 1 Million Monthly Visitors

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Website Closers® presents a prospering Recurring Revenue Online Education Platform Brand that is known as the first all-female-owned and operated business of their industry and has been the picture of excellence through their array of offerings. They combine technology, EdTech, eLearning & education, self-enrichment, and photography to make for a positive customer experience that appeals to diverse interests and skill levels in the photography industry. Their welcoming offerings have led them to develop a dedicated and entirely organic member base over the 12 years of their existence.

Multifaceted Offerings 

The vast and creative services that they provide to their customers have won them an audience across a wide range of demographics. Whether a customer is a novice eager to dip their toes into photography as a hobby, experienced professional with an extensive portfolio to their name, or fall anywhere in between, they can find a use for the brand’s high-quality offerings.

The foundation of their services comes in the form of their membership-based community designed to foster learning, business growth, and connection among photography enthusiasts from all walks of life. Their array of subscription services is regularly polished, updated, and adapted for optimal conversion rates, and to encourage their customers to frequently enroll in new programs.

The company has 5 different monthly courses available for customers interested in an intensive learning experience. This facet of their business offers a 4-week workshop available in 2 distinct formats. The first option consists of a $300 package that includes interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback, while the second provides a more independent learning approach at a $150 price tag. This course features a “study-along” version of their lessons, granting view-only access without instructor engagement. The brand also has a 2-week iteration of the same workshop that’s structured similarly and is available for half the price.

Outside of their workshop offerings, the brand also promotes continuous learning and engagement practices through different subscription options. Their 1-year membership option costs $95, while those looking for a shorter or less committed experience can opt for a $15 subscription. These diverse offerings ensure that they can provide a tailored experience, regardless of whether they’re an amateur or a professional in the field. Their subscription services have been so successful that theyrequire zero ad spend or effort to promote them, with all subscription revenue being entirely organic.

On top of all their robust offerings, the brand produces a standout magazine that highlights the latest industry trends, tools, and techniques. This magazine places many of the unique styles and voices of community membersaround the world under the spotlight that they deserve.

For customers interested in building an elite network, the company has an exclusive professional component that works to connect professionalson a global scale. This aspect of the business focuses on both the advanced artistic development and the business side of photography and offers perks such as a collaborative image blog, exclusive access to directors and editors, and access to a private social media group centering around amplifying the voices of women in the industry.

They host an annual conference that has become a valuable resource for professionals looking to improve their craft and network with their peers. Business owners attending this conference can enjoy a transformative learning experience while building vital connections with their peers. If an individual is unable to attend these in-person events or prefers a more structured learning experience, then the brand’s online school provides a great alternative with fantastic instruction.

These students are given meticulous guidance from leading industry professionals, who hone their skills, guide them through the nuances of business, and help them discover and develop their own unique style. Regardless of what a customer’s goals might be, the company can lend them the hand they need to get where they’re interested in going.

Customer Acquisition Strategy & Audience Demographic

Their digital marketing strategy revolves around organic interaction on social media and email efforts, with the brand consistently engaging their sizable following across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Their over 300,000 email subscribers, meanwhile, receive weekly promotions, featured articles, and information on new classes.

Their email marketing strategy has been complimented by the management doing co-branded e-blasts with vendors that include big-name photography brands like Nikon, Cannon, Fuji, Millers, and Adobe. The brand has a broad consumer base at their disposal, which consists mostly of women ranging from novices or hobbyists to amateur and professional photographers.

Operations & Market Conditions

The two current owners are responsible for simple tasks such as accounting, vendor relations, and product promotions. Their core, capable full-time staff team works in several capacities to handle the day to day of the brand’s operations, including administration, sales, accounting, customer service, magazine editing, and directorship for the company’s various brands. Their online classes are taught by roughly 30 contracted instructors.

The demand for online classes has skyrocketed within the past few years, which has had a massive impact on the education and personal development markets. This interest in online courses has grown into a staple of many consumers’ educational experiences, providing convenience while catering to both academic curriculums and personal hobbies.

Statistics have indicated that the trend of online courses is likely to continue to rise exponentially in the upcoming years, with the multifaceted appeal this brandoffers being no exception to this rule. The interest in learning and mastering this business andart form through digital means is widespread, which gives the brand a highly optimistic snapshot of their future.

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Asking Price
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Cash Flow
$ 442,841
Gross Income
$ 1,639,270
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