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12 Year Online Photography Education Platform – Subscription Revenue Model – Membership-Based Community – Massive YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a thriving Recurring Revenue Photography Education Brand that combines photography, technology, EdTech, eLearning & education, self-enrichment, and female-orientated focus. It has garnered a broad and receptive audience through its quality offerings that appeal to diverse interests and skill levels within the photography industry.

Multifaceted Offerings 

The innovative and extensive suite of services offered by this company caters to budding photographers, seasoned professional photography studios, and everyone in between. At the heart of their offering is a membership-based community designed to foster learning, business growth, and connection among photography enthusiasts. This distinct range of subscription services is continually refined, updated, and tailored for optimal conversion rates and to encourage customers to enroll in new programs regularly.

Five different monthly courses are available for individuals seeking an intensive learning experience. This arm of the business presents a 4-week workshop, available in two distinct formats. At $300, participants can access full participation, which includes interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback. Alternatively, for a more independent learning approach, the same course is available for $150 as a “study along” version, granting view-only access without instructor engagement. A 2-week iteration of the same workshop is structured similarly and available for half the price.

Beyond the workshop offerings, the company promotes continuous learning and engagement through subscription options. A 1-year membership is priced at $95, while those looking for a shorter-term commitment can opt for the 1-month membership, available for just $15. With these varied offerings, the company ensures that every photographer, whether amateur or professional, finds a program tailored to their needs.

Additionally, the brand produces a standout photography magazine highlighting the latest industry trends, tools, and techniques. It celebrates the unique styles and voices of photographers from all corners of the globe.

For customers seeking an elite network, an exclusive professional component focuses on connecting photographers on a global scale. It prioritizes both advanced artistic development and the business side of photography, with numerous perks such as a collaborative image blog, exclusive access to directors and editors, and admission to a private social media group with special emphasis on amplifying women’s voices in the field.

The company also hosts an annual conference that has become a haven for photographers aiming to elevate their craft and business acumen. Attendees can immerse themselves in transformative learning experiences and network with like-minded entrepreneurs and content creators. For those unable to attend in-person events or seeking more structured learning, the online school provides unparalleled instruction. Students can delve deep into the craft under the guidance of leading photographers, honing their skills, understanding business nuances, or simply discovering their unique style. Whatever a customer’s photography goals, this company offers a comprehensive suite to guide and support their journey.

Customer Acquisition Strategy & Audience Demographic

The digital marketing strategy is primarily focused on social media and email efforts. The company posts regularly to engage its robust following on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, 300,000 email subscribers receive weekly promotions, featured articles, and information on new classes.

Based on that approach, management has also enjoyed success via co-branded e-blasts with vendors that include industry titans such as Nikon, Cannon, Fuji, Millers, and Adobe.

The customer base is expansive, comprising females ranging from first-timers or hobbyists to amateur and professional photographers.

Operations & Market Conditions

The two owners  handle simple tasks such as accounting, vendor relations, and product promotions. A core full-time staff works in several capacities, including administration, sales, accounting, customer service, magazine editing, and directorship for the company’s various brands. Approximately 30 contracted instructors teach the online classes.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for online classes has surged exponentially, reshaping the landscape of education and personal development. What began as a contingency measure for formal education swiftly transformed into a mainstay, catering to both academic curriculums and personal hobbies.

This evolution has not merely been a temporary shift; projections indicate that this trend is set to endure and escalate in the foreseeable future. Photography, with its multifaceted appeal, is no exception. The widespread desire to learn and master this art digitally presents an exceptional opportunity at the ideal time for a buyer. As a result, this multifaceted business stands on the cusp of a promising and dynamic future.

This EdTech Company is Represented by:

Website Closers

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WC 3149

Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 442,841
Gross Income
$ 1,639,270
Year Established