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13 Year B2B eCommerce Business in the Granite Countertops Vertical – National Shipping and an 85% Repeat Customer Rate


Website Closers® presents an enormously profitable B2B eCommerce Business that has found great success within two rapidly growing fields, multi-family housing, and new hospitality buildings such as hotels and resorts. Both commercial opportunities represent the main customer base for this thriving company, which has more than a decade of experience and has been involved in hundreds of projects throughout the U.S. for different unique residential and commercial projects. Their impressively high sales are due, in part, to ever-increasing word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers that have become the company’s top advertising source, in fact their key method for attracting new clients. One clear indicator of how effective it has become in this sector is 85% repeat customer rate it enjoys.

Holding zero inventory and with the ability to run this business from anywhere in the world, this business runs highly lucrative projects. On average, the company’s contracts last for 18 months, and the average contract value is an incredible $380,000. This business has become a leading supplier of stone countertops, tub decks, and shower seats and sinks, components that play a major role in the look, aesthetics and overall appeal of new multi-family units and hotels. Carrying well-established relationships with general contractors and developers who use them repeatedly for new projects coming online. Having done projects across the country, their prospects look exceptionally good as the company considers an even more dramatic nationwide expansion beyond their home base in the mountain west.

The economic rebound has led to fast-rising demand for new multifamily developments, particularly with vacancy rates at existing multifamily units exceedingly low. Development of new multifamily homes is projected to remain robust in the foreseeable future. The hotel construction industry is projected to enjoy strong growth as well as the expanding economy increases domestic travel and heightens demand for new tourism and traveler accommodations.  This has led to renewed construction activity for a wide variety of motels and hotels.

At the same time, countertops have become extremely popular for use in kitchen, bathrooms and commercial properties, and the global countertop market is now valued at $89 billion and projected to reach $110 billion by 2027. As a multi-purpose platform that’s also stylish and highly decorative, countertops are projected to produce voluminous revenue in the next few years. That positions this company to ride these profitable construction waves within both residential and commercial/hospitality projects. How the company was able to get to this enviable position is an interesting story.

The company was launched in 2008 to provide installation of custom granite and quartz countertops. Their services include the design, procurement of materials, national and international shipping, deliveries, and finally, installation. Past clients have included different types of residential buildings, including assisted living facilities and student housing developments. With partners who handle all manufacturing, shipping, and installation, this business is poised for scaling into multiple areas.

Products are available in granite, marble and quartz, and the company sources from across the world to meet their customers’ needs, with additional options available upon request. The furnishing and installation of the quartz have become 60% of their sales.

Because of the high quality of their work and strong customer service, most of their customers have stayed with this company throughout the entire lifespan of their development project, often making the long-term value of each customer much higher than the cost of the initial contract. The brand’s approach has been to build strong relationships with the project managers of each new assignment so that person will reach out to them again for their next construction work. So far, this has worked exceptionally well.

The company operates with two branded websites, one focusing on their stone countertops and a review of their completed projects for both multifamily and hospitality developments, and a second one that provides a closer look at their collection of 10 quartz colors. The company’s high repeat customer rate and word of mouth referrals have worked so effectively that the company never developed a digital marketing strategy for their two sites, although that points to an obvious path toward scaling this business. While the company has an underutilized Facebook page, it could easily ramp up its social media marketing efforts on additional sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.  The decorative countertops this company has completed for often high-end developments lend themselves to photos posted on social media, demonstrating how beautifully a countertop sink or kitchen counter could look in someone’s home or new development.

The same would be true of video marketing. Videos that provide a visual tour of the rooms where this brand completed its projects would be ideal for sites such as YouTube and TikTok Both forms of social media marketing would provide an enormous boost to the company’s two websites. The company now has an email database of 200 subscribers and could start using that for regular email marketing purposes, including targeting new construction projects just being announced.

Most importantly, the company is ideally positioned for a national expansion. They have the option to continue building relationships with new general contractors and developers within Colorado but since multifamily and hotel construction projects are coming online well beyond that state’s borders, there are massive opportunities to take on new projects across the country.

A new digital marketing campaign would significantly boost those efforts. The availability of two websites providing different kinds of service offerings gives this brand a head start on using digital marketing to boost organic growth, and the use of PPC ads on Google and an educational blog on their websites would also contribute toward expanding the customer base.

Today, working in any aspect of the construction industry is likely to pay off handsomely, and this brand has become a leader in the niche field of multipurpose countertops. The company’s success in the western US has been so strong that there’s no question there are enormously profitable opportunities awaiting this brand nationally. Expanding beyond word-of-mouth referrals to advanced digital marketing would help get them there that much more quickly.

This is a full-time business, one that employs five full-time workers, including an estimator, production manager, pre-installation manager and two field installation managers.  Eight subcontractors are used as well. Expanding the existing team would enable the company to make a national leap, and with that jump, send profits skyrocketing.

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