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13 Year eCommerce Brand in a Niche Outdoor Furniture Vertical – 80% Shopify & 20% Amazon – Fully Branded with Proprietary Manufacturing in Place


Website Closers® presents an eco-friendly eCommerce Brand that has spent the past decade establishing itself as a leading online retailer in a fast-growing niche field of outdoor furniture. The niche will be provided upon executing an NDA, but it is a high growth category of product where this particular company is a known market leader.

Marketing a multitude of their own branded products, this business has developed a strong customer base for outdoor living products that are known for their high quality, American-made craftsmanship and easy to find accessories. Among these high demand items is a particular product line within the brand that is eco-friendly and helps to protect the environment. Sales are only getting stronger as more and more Americans are choosing to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of being home and enjoying their own outdoor space.

Most of this company’s sales stem from exclusive products that are manufactured by hand just for this brand by craftsmen here in the U.S. The brand’s satisfied customers have come to appreciate the quality of the product provided, giving them strong reviews that are helping pivot this brand to the top of its industry. The market for outdoor furniture in general, and this category in particular, has been soaring in recent years as the U.S. housing market continues to outpace all expectations.  For a growing number of homeowners, there’s something magical about having high quality furniture so that they can enjoy time with family and friends in the backyard.

Sales for the outdoor furniture market have expanded significantly in the past few years, including sales made through eCommerce platforms now that LTL and other shipping and logistics have become easier to manage. The value of this growing segment now exceeds $18 Billion with strong growth projections. This business has become an exceptionally strong performer in this field, and since it controls its own design, development and manufacturing, it can continue to develop high quality products in its current category as well as adjacent verticals to take advantage of the company’s high traffic volume.

Easy to assemble and ranked highly by customers for design and durability, this brand has made itself a favorite of people eager to install the best possible furniture on their outdoor deck, patio, around the pool or in the backyard. The high number of 5 Star ratings given to the company, along with their growing repeat customer base, attest to just how solid this brand has become in this field. The company has impressively maintained quality while sustaining a 27% Net Margin … a fete very difficult in the outdoor furniture market.

The company was established 13 years ago to market a wide assortment of delightful outdoor furniture products. This business built its reputation through its own unique niche selection, eco-friendly offerings, and unmatched customer service. As sales have gotten stronger, the company has continued to expand and now offers more than 1,000+ SKUs, making them one of the largest specialty retailers of their niche in the nation. Their selection is both diverse and environmentally friendly.

The brand is also an innovator. For instance, they have developed products made of plastic material made from old plastic milk and juice jugs that have been recycled and transformed into what is called poly lumber; this unique recycled material has made all the difference for this brand. This new material has become extremely popular for use in outdoor furniture due to its incredible durability and versatility. To a growing number of consumers today, furniture made from plastics are the best available since they are waterproof, long lasting, and, when it comes to this brand, is good for the environment too.

Being a part of the green process, the brand has earned solid environmental credentials among those who actively support the ongoing sustainability movement. This brand’s use of recycled materials in constructing some of their most popular products is an important aspect of their appeal. Green products are a significant consideration for customers who love being outdoors and fully appreciate how beautiful their surroundings are. Green consumers, especially those with children, are eagerly looking for brands that embrace sustainability and have eco-friendly products that promote recycling. Eco-friendly companies are gaining powerful, loyal followings for their inspiring practices and this company has led the charge in the outdoor furniture niche.

The company initially started with sales conducted on its Shopify website but has since expanded onto Amazon, where they currently only offer 115 SKUs. Sales have been robust there as well, but still only represent 20% of their sales. The Amazon channel is both currently growing and a future growth driver. Sales remain steady year-round, although the peak season for this brand is between March and July, when families are eager to purchase new furniture to enjoy throughout the summer and fall. During that peak season, the company makes up to 100 shipments per day.

Their typical customer is between 40 and 60 years old, and most customers are all too happy to purchase an item with the coordinating accessories. This was accomplished by the creative UX/UI development of the website, which makes it easy for customers who have chosen a piece of outdoor furniture to quickly find the associated hardware and accessories they need to fit that specific product. That’s another key strength of the company – there are very few competitors offering the same wide range and depth of unique accessories to their customers. That being said, the company only stocks about 10% of its inventory in a 10,000 square foot warehouse. New inventory orders are placed monthly.

With such a valuable reputation in this niche field and the reviews to demonstrate quality and excellence, the company is even more appealing to a buyer by having plenty of untapped growth potential – starting with marketing. Throughout the decade, the company has relied on PPC ads on Google and then Amazon to drive sales. The company also has an SEO program that includes an educational blog on their website. These marketing efforts have done remarkably well for driving traffic. To date, the company has attracted more than 1.3 million online visitors to their website, and 1.5 million online store sessions. That does, however, still leave plenty of room for new marketing opportunities. The company has an email database of 50,000+ subscribers but hasn’t yet launched an email marketing campaign. With such a high number of names in the database, email marketing could prove to be enormously valuable in expanding the customer base as well as marketing new products.

The same is true for social media marketing. The company has followers on Facebook that have helped boost organic traffic to the website. The company’s social media outreach could be dramatically expanded to include other popular sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. There’s a tremendous growth opportunity here by using these social media accounts to launch a vigorous Affiliate & Influencer Marketing program. The brand’s customer base could be expanded in other ways. That includes stocking up on certain products, which could dramatically increase sales by reducing lead times. The company could do the same with its recycled products. Further, adding more SKUs to their Amazon storefront while expanding sales internationally may also prove tremendously valuable.

As a new owner, a buyer will get a well-structured and systematic operation that benefits from having an experienced team in place to manage daily operations. That includes a full-time office manager, an accounting manager, and four full-time office assistants. The business also employs a part-time warehouse manager and several contractors who handle graphic design. With orders booming, that team remains busy. The company now averages up to 150 customer service inquiries daily, and is responsible for handling shipments, warehouse packing, and processing orders from vendors.

The products manufactured and sold by this company have been trending solidly in recent years, boosted by the robust housing market and by how appealing they have become to homeowners eager to have the finest in outdoor spaces where they can relax, relieve their stress, and enjoy their property. Over the past decade, this company has established an important connection with those families, and so many of them have fallen in love with this brand’s beautifully constructed products. The business’ tremendous success points clearly to how quickly this brand could scale under a buyer dedicated to giving this brand an even larger presence in this red-hot market.

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