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13 Year, High Growth Videogaming & Accessories eCommerce Brand – Triple YOY Sales – Amazon is the Primary Sales Channel


Website Closers® presents a colorful offering in the videogames, consoles, and gaming technologies space, this opportunity has tripled its sales over the last year alone. Built on a lucrative foundation of their fully trademarked brand that represents 21% of the 2020 revenues, this company has a proven 13-year history of success and consistent growth. Carrying more than 200 SKUs, with 126 of those SKUs being in its own trademarked line, this unique seller has a tremendously powerful foothold in the gaming industry. Leveraging invaluable industry connections, this brand has strong ties to the top gaming studios, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and more that allow for guaranteed syncing for their exclusive accessories and controllers on all the newest consoles.

Bringing a strong following of 11,000 engaged consumers on Facebook and Twitter, as well as 1,100+ wholesale contacts, this company has earned a name for itself throughout the videogame market. Promising boundless scaling opportunities, this company’s profitability is ever-growing with new games, technologies, characters, and more coming out every day. In addition to these infinitely expanding SKU lines, the company could be effectively extended with the creation of international storefronts through Amazon, eBay, and more, as well as through increased brand development on gaming platforms such as Twitch, Discord, Steam, and YouTube. With incredible revenue rates and a multitude of pathways to scale, this offering is sure to level up any buyer’s portfolio.

A 13-year established market leader, this company carries minimal SKU concentration and an average order value of $80. This powerful foundation could be built up with the addition of impactful marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC marketing on gaming forums such as Twitch and Reddit, along with content marketing. Creating blogs and expert information on up-and-coming consoles, controllers, technologies, and more is a lucrative consumer draw as well as a great way to further build credibility and awareness. Influencer marketing is also a powerful tool for this audience, targeting prominent ‘let’s players’ and ‘streamers’ could dramatically increase overall sales.

Requiring a full 40 weekly hours from current ownership, this company requires inventory sourcing, shipment preparation for FBA, and customer service, and order coordination for the website, eBay, and Walmart purchases. As this company currently operates with no employees, this task list could be dramatically minimized with the addition of an inventory manager.

With an average website visitor rate of 2,000 per month, the website for this brand is its smallest lead generator but has the biggest potential. Amazon generates 80% of all revenues, but further mixing of sales outside of amazon can increase profitability and the overall value of the business.

A premium offering in the evergreen gaming industry, this company flourishes through their uniquely effective SKU lines. A source of expression and entertainment, gaming thrives on individuality that the multitude of unique colors and exclusive items sold by this company take full competitive advantage of. With a strong industry standing and incredible product lines, this company is an amazing investment for any type of buyer.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2265

Asking Price
$ 7,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,423,350
Gross Income
$ 7,431,589
Year Established

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