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14 Year B2B & DTC eCommerce Brand in the Home & Business Video Security Products Vertical – 3,400 Dealers (High Repeat Business) – Private Label Program for Dealers


Website Closers® presents an exceptionally profitable eCommerce business that has built up a strong B2B customer base for its home security systems, taking full advantage of a vibrant security market to sell its security cameras, alarms and access control devices to professional installers and assisting homeowners and business owners in getting the most modern protections for their properties. The brand is 81% B2B with a 78% Repeat Customer Base of Dealers/Installers and 19% DTC. The company has attracted dealers across the nation via a Private Label Branding Program that is entirely unique. Customers can order cameras and recorders, and this company will apply their dealer’s logo to those items through a pad printing process. They also create high quality decals that go on the front of the recorders. This has become an appealing proposition to their dealer customers since it helps them promote their own brand. Other security companies are not providing private label services, making the competition lower as a value proposition.

In addition to having a strong customer base among professional security installers, the company also sells their devices directly to consumers who want to install them on their own. Sales are driven by improving technology that gives property owners a dramatically increased peace of mind once they have adopted a system that secures their homes and protects their businesses and gives them the option of remote monitoring when they’re away. Home security has become increasingly appealing to millions of homeowners who recognize how effectively this technology can protect everything that is important to them.
Without question, this company brings several strengths to the table, including their self-sufficient business operation, excellent opportunities to scale in multiple ways, and unique value-added services that are not easy for competitors to duplicate.

14+ Years in Business. This business was launched 14 years ago to provide customers with a host of security products. The number of items in the product line has continued to expand, and they now offer a diversified 450 SKUs with very little sales concentration in any single item. With an Average Order Value of $802, sales have been vibrant and remain healthy throughout the year, with only a slight slowdown over the holidays when dealer customers are on vacation. Overall, though, in 14 years of being in business, the company has found that security is a recession-proof industry. As long as people want their homes and businesses to be safe, revenue is being generated.

Multiple sales channels. This company operates on its branded website, while also maintaining a separate liquidation site where they resell used items from customer returns, as well as closeouts and discontinued items.

Sales are strong with 3,400 dealer customers listed in their database. Once a dealer places an order, 78% of the time they will be a repeat customer. The company is constantly getting new leads and new dealers are signing up each month. On top of this, they continually obtain a steady supply of D2C sales.

Inventory is stocked at their warehouse, where they maintain $2.3 million in inventory available for fast shipping. They keep a steady volume throughout the year, and place inventory orders a few times a week as sales have gotten stronger.

Video marketing has been a Key to Success. All their marketing efforts are managed in house by their team, with a heavy focus on video marketing and other forms of content. Typically, the company will create an in-depth product review on video, then convert that into a blog. The videos are used in various social media and email marketing campaigns. This has proven to be effective in spreading the word about their products as they now have over 33,000 subscribers on YouTube. The company has 15,000+ followers on Facebook and an additional 2,000+ followers on Instagram, while their email database has 16,400+ subscribers to target. They also post frequently on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The company’s main lead generators are Facebook adds, but they also run PPC ads on Google. Their marketing efforts are working, since the company now enjoys 55,000+ visitors coming to their website each month.

This is a business that doesn’t require a heavy workload. The current owner spends between 4-8 hours per week running it, mainly focusing on growth initiatives and mentoring the management team. Daily operations are successfully handled by an experienced team that responds to nearly 200 customer service inquiries a day.
The owner is available to assist the buyer in getting familiar with the systems, processes, teams, and culture of this business, and is available for up to 6 months to ensure that this is a successful transition.

With an industry as strong as security, this business is riding a highly profitable wave of customers eager for the highest quality and most technologically advanced security systems available. Now a buyer has an opportunity to grow this company by easily boosting its profits.

This B2B eCommerce Business is Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 7,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,667,590
Gross Income
$ 10,515,766
Year Established