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14 Year eCommerce Brand | Proprietary Array of RV & Trailer 12-Volt Wire Assemblies, Audio Accessories, Marine & Power Sports Parts & More

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Website Closers® presents a well-established, profitable, and streamlined eCommerce Brand for sale in the automotive and trailer parts niche. The vast majority of its wide range of 1,500 products are proprietary to this brand, offering a tremendous moat against the competitors. The range includes audio accessories, trailer and RV supplies, and marine and power sports parts.

With a track record spanning 14 years, the company showcases stability and an enduring market presence. Its brand name is a registered trademark, and it boasts excellent brand recognition, achieving top rankings on search engines for various important keywords for the industry.

Sales are achieved across diverse sales channels via its own branded websites and multiple marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, creating multiple revenue streams. Revenue is broken down as follows:

  • Amazon: 75%
  • eBay: 15%
  • Walmart: 3%
  • Websites & Wholesale (B2B): 7%

A substantial line of credit approval has been issued from Amazon Lending, serving as a testament to the company’s financial credibility, and across all channels, the brand boasts outstanding customer feedback.


Since its inception, the business has thrived with minimal marketing and has embraced organic growth and efficient customer acquisition. The owner recently implemented advertising initiatives through PPC, outsourced to a proficient agency, that have yielded fruitful results.

Products & Supplier Relations

Over the years, the brand has curated a distinctive range of proprietary products through manufacturing agreements for specific lines. These lines ensure consistent quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, contributing significantly to its success and credibility in the industry.

Notably, a popular cable and wire product series is crafted exclusively for it. These specialized items adhere rigorously to precise specifications and stringent quality standards, setting them apart from comparable offerings in the market. This steadfast commitment, combined with a thorough analysis of competing products, reveals a significant superiority in quality and reliability. Additionally, it has led not only to exclusive manufacturing but also to a substantial competitive advantage. These products’ reliability and exceptional standards result in a notably higher gross margin than other offerings, emphasizing their value and uniqueness and positioning them as top-tier options in their respective categories.

Management maintains solid and enduring relationships with suppliers, ensuring reliable inventory availability and favorable terms. The sourcing strategy integrates insights from various channels, procuring products domestically and internationally.

Market trends, online platforms, and customer feedback inform product development initiatives. The company ensures a well-rounded selection that meets evolving audience demands by leveraging a network of trusted vendors and staying attuned to emerging trends and customer preferences. This approach fosters continuous innovation, allowing the introduction of new offerings aligned with customer expectations.

The business operates on a 100% stock inventory model to ensure faster service, improve order fulfillment rates, and uphold stringent quality control measures. Unlike many rivals that rely on DropShipping, managing stock directly leads to more efficient operations, higher margins, control over supply and logistics, and heightened consumer satisfaction.

Staff & Expansion Opportunities

Over time, a highly proficient team has been built. Since the company was founded in 2010, a managing director has overseen each department, ensuring staff execute tasks satisfactorily and operations are seamless. As a result, the owner dedicates fewer than five hours weekly to the business. His primary responsibilities include managing banking tasks such as handling check deposits, payments, and other financial transactions, overseeing general business operations, and providing the team with long-term goals or directions on a monthly basis.

Various opportunities exist for a buyer to scale the enterprise considerably. A blueprint has already been prepared and is awaiting execution to launch a new product line with minimal investment required. Geographic expansion is another enticing prospect, both in the US and globally. Forming strategic partnerships and alliances is another avenue worth considering while enhancing marketing efforts, further optimizing the supply chain, and diversifying the product range are all actionable and potentially lucrative pursuits.

The demand in this vertical has remained high for an extensive period and exhibits no signs of slowing down. With consistent financial performance, an excellent team in place, and ample time available to an owner to focus on expansion, this business presents a rare acquisition opportunity.

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WC 3290

Asking Price
$ 3,810,000
Cash Flow
$ 952,390
Gross Income
$ 6,773,315
Year Established

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